Indamixx Portable Recording Studio

Billing itself as the world’s first fully featured hand held recording studio, Indamixx is a Samsung Q1 Ultra featuring a 800 mhz cpu, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB harddrive, powered by Linux OS and bundled with a bunch of preinstalled open source audio software including: Ardourino DAW Mixxx 1.6 260 Plugins Audacity (jack version with … Read more

Optimizing Speaker Performance In Your Studio

Electronic Musician, Mix, Remix, and Guitar Center present a free webinar: Optimizing Speaker Performance In Your Studio. Acoustic consultant Bob Hodas, responsible for tuning Abbey Road, Record Plan, and Lucasfilm, will share how to set up studio monitors, listening position, and studio treatments.  Also to be discussed are techniques for applying equalization and EQ measurement. … Read more

SSL Mynx Released For Home DAW Users

Life has gotten even better for home pro-audio users now that Solid State Logic has announced the release of the SSL Mynx. With up to 8 X-Rack modules to choose from, the small aluminum case can holds up to two modules simultaneously and offers budget home DAW users an affordable option to obtain big studio … Read more

Vintage Roger Linn Pre-MPC Prototype On Sale

I know that I’m not the only one who’s fascinated with vintage gear, so here’s your chance to own a piece of true Hip-Hop production history… sort of.  The original MIDI Studio 001 prototype created by Roger Linn is up for sale over at the Vintage Electric Musical Instrument Auction (VEMIA).  Careful inspection will reveal … Read more

Penryn, iMac, and a New Beginning

It’s been another interesting week on the Crate Kings front.  Just when I seemed pretty damn close to really shaking all the computer issues that have popped up lately, another one unexpectedly rears its ugly head.  After kicking off the month of March with a complete site-wide crash & data loss, discovering that Windows won’t … Read more

Rza Gives Production Tips To Customized Roland MV-8800 Owners

To promote the release of 8 Diagrams, Guitar Center will offer for sale 8 Roland MV-8800’s customized by Bruce Forat. In addition to owning a one of a kind production workstation, all eight owners will have to opportunity to attend an intimate beatmaking class with Rza himself. Each Forat/Rza customized MV-8800 will feature one of … Read more