Rza Gives Production Tips To Customized Roland MV-8800 Owners

To promote the release of 8 Diagrams, Guitar Center will offer for sale 8 Roland MV-8800’s customized by Bruce Forat. In addition to owning a one of a kind production workstation, all eight owners will have to opportunity to attend an intimate beatmaking class with Rza himself. Each Forat/Rza customized MV-8800 will feature one of a kind 8 Diagrams artwork, fully loaded 512 Mb ram, I/O expansion board, comes pre-loaded with track #3 from 8 Diagrams Get Them Out Ya Way Pa Price tag for customized Roland MV-8800: $5999 production lessons from Rza: Priceless!

Check the Guitar Center website for updates and more info.

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