ProRemote Pro Tools Control Surface For iPhone and iTouch

There is now a solution for those of you that don’t want to drop the significant cash investment on a Pro Tools control surface such as the Command 8. Programmer Alex le Lievre of Far Out Labs has created a pretty amazing program that enables users to control Mac OS X enabled Pro Tools LE, HD, and M-Powered using an iPhone or iTouch. This combined with the availability of Beat phone software makes a pretty compelling case for Mac and iPhone owners (I’ve personally been drooling over the Blackberry 8830 tri-band world phone). ProRemote is currently available as a beta release directly from Far Out Labs and carries and expected price tag of $150, although that number will most likely change in the future.

190 thoughts on “ProRemote Pro Tools Control Surface For iPhone and iTouch”

  1. doesnt control PT LE on Windows yet!! :((( …
    controls a couple of platform, I think they should also include Fruity loops in it…..

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