Skullcandy Headphones: Models G.I. And Terje NINE


Don’t really know what to say about this one.  Anyone remember when having designer DJ headphones meant a big Numark logo plastered on the top?  With Skullcandy entering the game, it now means your headgear will be outfitted with white fur, faux bullets, and tiger stripes.  I haven’t had the chance to test any of their gear out, but any manufacturer with the cojones to release the equivalent of audio lingerie has gotta back it up with some serious sound quality.

29 thoughts on “Skullcandy Headphones: Models G.I. And Terje NINE”

  1. I bought a pair of their headphones in a pinch after my four year old Sennheisers went south (I managed to fix them with some soldering though). They seem well built and all, but I don’t really care for them that much. They have this bass amplifier on them that’s battery powered and just doesn’t sound natural.

  2. They don’t seem bad, but here’s the thing. I used to buy the $100+ Sony studio monitors back in the day and every six months they’d break. It got to the point where the brick and mortar three-year warranties became a real economic value.

    Those Sennheisers on the other hand feel light and not real well built, but they sound excellent and lasted me four years with not one operation. I believe I paid $40 for them! The only reason I’m not using the Sennheisers to mix with anymore is because the Skullcandys have better isolation on the earcups. If you can get some Skullcandy phones without the bass amplifier they might not be so bad.

  3. Funny… I have the Sony MDR 7506’s also! You’re right, they’re a little flimsy, especially around the soft ear portion. I absolutely refuse to buy the insurance on the things though.

  4. Hey, saw your post and thought I’d tag a line!

    My Skullcandy headphones lasted me roughly about 2 years with some MEAN wear and tear! 2 years is astonishing for me because I’m a kid about my headphones and tend to drag them everywhere with me and use the conssitently. In any circumstance, Skullcandy offers a limited lifetime warranty! If your headphones suffer wear and tear, or just stop working they’ll give you a coupon for 50% off any headphones in their online store.

    By far, there company has style, grace, and power. Very comfortable wear, I usually forget they’re on!

    But that’s just me, the 21 year old fan 😛

  5. I have owned a pair of the skull candy 50/50’s and I wanted to know if these sound as good as them?

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