Penryn, iMac, and a New Beginning

It’s been another interesting week on the Crate Kings front.  Just when I seemed pretty damn close to really shaking all the computer issues that have popped up lately, another one unexpectedly rears its ugly head.  After kicking off the month of March with a complete site-wide crash & data loss, discovering that Windows won’t perform the critical Vista SP-1 update, and my 8 month old Toshiba Satellite laptop refusing to boot up, I decided to make a life changing decision… that’s right, it’s time for a Mac!

It was a tough decision to come to, especially considering that I’ve been a loyal Windows user for over 10 years and switching to another operating system, in my mind at least, is akin to a nasty divorce.  Hopefully, everything will turn out to be just as all the Mac converts say… more like finding an amazing woman after escaping one train wreck of a relationship.  For the record, anyone who tells you that Vista isn’t a train wreck is not your friend.

So now it’s just a matter of waiting around until the new iMac is released with the updated Intel Penryn processer (supposedly about a 5-10% performance boost).   Rumors have Apple releasing the update as early as tomorrow or as late as the WWDC in June (most agree that this is highly unlikely); however, I’ll keep my fingers crossed tonight since I spent this afternoon in the Apple store and almost accidently drooled on a Mighty Mouse.  Maybe Steve Jobs will have mercy and I’ll be able to grab my favorite consumer credit enabler sometime in the next 24 hours and do my own little part to help jump start the lagging U.S. economy. 

Just imagine… I’ll finally put an end to lost time messing around with faulty Windows drivers, incompatible network cards, registry errors, and a brand new Lexmark printer/scanner that’s still only semi functional.  Reliable computing will only have to wait a little bit longer.  Until then, you can catch me at the local Toshiba repair center counting the hours and watching the days go by.

15 thoughts on “Penryn, iMac, and a New Beginning”

  1. You won’t regret it. I made the switch two years ago. Haven’t had a single problem.

    You’ll really enjoy not feeling like your computer is a piece of shit after just owning it for 6 months.

  2. Don’t even worry about performance. Time formerly wasted on being a self-serving IT guy will instantly be transferred elsewhere. Macs aren’t perfect (damn close tho). Keep an eye out for software updates messing up your production apps. Welcome to the club.

  3. i feel ya i just got my new pc wensday and vista wouldent run anything finally i updated sp1 and i got gold i still use xp for my audio recording and beat making but vista runs reason 4 and all my sony stuff cd archtect acid etc…I use vista to surf and dig also its way more succure maybe we should talk about hooking up your mac too ive dabbled a bit we are in the same city use your resouces.also you need to talk about how dope and much better sonar 7 is then protools i own both and i got to say cakewalk is the king the midi is super and the functions are dope pluss you dont have to pay allthe time for updates like 7.4 to run in vista

  4. @Rasheed – Thanks for the heads up about updating. Just found out that Leopard does not yet support Pro Tools. Looks like it’s also time to switch to Logic.

    @Chi-Stey – Yeah man… that last Digidesign 7.4 update really pissed me off. They took so long with it, then had the audacity to charge for it.

  5. I’m in the same boat. Although I am pretty happy with XP, I hear Vista is worse (aren’t they supposed to get BETTER?). I am also waiting for the new iMac. I decided I will go with the 24″, largely because I do photo editing and the 20″ iMac screen is apparently inferior to the previous iMac (aren’t they supposed to get BETTER?). So, shame on Microsoft for Vista, and Apple for mediocre 20″ screens (The 24s are of much better quality).

  6. Ned, don’t get me started about the whole thing again. I found out about the 20″ imac screen issue and apparently there’s an airport bug popping up. Not to mention that there are a bunch of imac users that suffer from a bug which cause the imac to randomly shut down by itself. I know this because it is happening to me… after owning an imac for 1 hour. After speaking with the apple rep, looks like the comp is going to be considered DOA… oh joy. I get the feeling these comp issues will never end.

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