DJ Premier Talks Scratch Sentences, Guru Stories

Distortion 2 Static caught up with DJ Premier to talk about the evolution of the scratch sentence, groundbreaking DJ’s, and favorite Guru moments. It took somebody to study Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money and all them to do what I do. I’m just an extension of what they do.

DJ Cash Money Live At The Roots Jam

Pay attention as Philly’s DJ Cash Money demonstrates how to properly rock doubles of LL Cool J’s “Rock The Bells” during a live performance at The Roots Jam, which recently took place at NYC’s Highline Ballroom.

Rob Swift Interview: The Architect, Mozart, Bob James

DJ Rob Swift talks about his latest album The Architect, working with Bob James, and the influence of classical music on his recent work. Rob Swift also gets talks about stretching artistic boundaries and the longevity that can come from remaining open. I would hear myself introduce a sound and then bring that sound back … Read more

DJ Craze vs Kontrol X1 Controller

DJ Craze, winner of multiple DMC World Championships, steps up to his gold Technics turntables and rips apart a set using NI Traktor Scratch Pro and Kontrol X1 controller. Using the X1, Craze simultaneously triggers cue points on both decks, while still staying true to his roots with some serious beatjuggling.

2010 DMC USA Finals f/ DJ Shiftee (NYC)

Turntable fans get ready. On August 7th the best competitive turntablists in the United States will compete in the 2010 DMC USA Finals, which will be held in NYC. The event will not only feature DJ’s Rockin’ Rob and Jazzy Jay one the tables, but also a showcase by 2009 DMC World Champion DJ Shiftee.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff Live in Charlotte, NC

Accompanied by Mad Skillz, DJ Jazzy Jeff spins a half hour long set of hip-hop classics. Complete with ample cuts and quick juggles, DJ Jazzy Jeff shows the crowd just exactly why his name is legendary. Thanks B-Man!

DJ Babu’s X-Men Influenced Battle Persona

DJ Babu discusses learning turntablism in the days before the internet and freely available DJ battle related media. Babu goes into the influence of DJ Steve D (X-Men) and DJ Qbert (ISP), his love for the ASR-10, and current learning towards Propellerhead Reason. Half of my whole style and my battler persona was defined by … Read more

DMC USA 2010 Battle Dates + Registration Information

Battle DJ’s get ready! A number of 2010 USA battle dates have been confirmed, so polish up those routines and prepare for war. Act quickly if you’re planning to enter. Early round prizes include choice of mixers and, of course, bragging rights. DMC NOLA – Regional DJ Battle (April 16) – New Orleans, LA DMC … Read more