Just Blaze’s Fat Beats Tribute DJ Set Part 1

The final days of Fat Beats featured a number of notable producers, DJ’s, and artists paying tribute to the store. Just Blaze performed a quick set, which consisted of a medley of his own greatest hits along with other crowd favorites and hip-hop classics.

DJ A-Trak’s Fat Beats Farewell Performance

Unfortunately, as of this weekend the NY location of Fat Beats is no more. DJ A-Trak honored the trend setting store by providing one of its final performances this weekend before the doors were permanently closed.

Skratcher Turntablist Open Session Event (Vancouver)

Vancouver area turntablists tighten up cuts and get ready. The Skratcher Turntablist Open Session will take place on Sunday, September 12th, 2010. The event will feature a number for free givaways, a demo of the new Vestax 05 Pro4, open scratch session, and downloadable recording of the scratch sessions. The Franklink Room 1612 Franklin Ave … Read more

DJ Jazzy Jeff Talks Serato, Favorite Albums, Production

DJ Jazzy Jeff talks about, his inspiration to begin DJ’ing, favorite albums, digital vinyl, CDJ’s, Michael Jackson, and production. I am the biggest ball of musical confusion that you’ve ever seen in your life. I think Serato is the best thing that ever happened to DJ’s.

DJ Craze Talks DMC, Digital DJ’ing, Production

DJ Craze talks about how began DJ’ing at the age of 15, competing to win the DMC Finals, how A-Trak became a member of The Allies, the preparation for major DJ battles, and vinyl vs. digital DJ’ing. When you’re on top of your game everybody hates you.

Cut Chemist x Biz Markie – Disco Records & Cemeteries

A vinyl picnic? Cut Chemist in a cemetery? Cut Chemist gets disco record advice from Biz Markie before spreading out a blanket full of vinyl in a promo video for a screening of Saturday Night Fever. [via 33 via GG]

Rob Swift Talks Large Professor, Akinyele, Respect

If you’re a DJ, you should watch this… period. Raven interviews DJ Rob Swift to discuss the importance highlighting DJ’s, paying respect to those who came before, and the rare privilege of watching Extra P do his thing. I learned how to make a beat. I learned how to make a song by sitting in … Read more

Sunday Skool Scratch Session @ Reign

All veteran DJ’s know the joy of getting together for a weekend scratch session. A Sunday afternoon brought together Florida and Georgia based turntablists for a scratch based gathering at Reign, a clothing boutique located in Orlando, FL. Among the DJ’s in attendance were SPS, J-Storm, Sureshot, RobZilla, Rubox, Y-Not, Rod-1, Dolo, Chrono, WaxAtom, Technic, … Read more