Sunday Skool Scratch Session @ Reign

All veteran DJ’s know the joy of getting together for a weekend scratch session. A Sunday afternoon brought together Florida and Georgia based turntablists for a scratch based gathering at Reign, a clothing boutique located in Orlando, FL.

Among the DJ’s in attendance were SPS, J-Storm, Sureshot, RobZilla, Rubox, Y-Not, Rod-1, Dolo, Chrono, WaxAtom, Technic, Scratchnerd, Sky, Rincon, and more.

42 thoughts on “Sunday Skool Scratch Session @ Reign”

  1. All these DJ’s got skills but it’s all the same scratch we need to hear something new not just this clip all dj clips we need a new scratch sound or make it sound dope.

    • Yo, I feel you Izzy. But we were just vibing. This wasn’t a performance… it was a chillout session. We had skilled DJs attend, but we also had alot of people out who never touched a turntable! So yeah, we weren’t really trying to break any boundaries. That wasn’t what it was about. It was about fostering a scratch community of like minded people, the likes of which Florida hasn’t really seen yet. I’m sure as these sessions invite more and more talented cats, boundaries will naturally be broken as people just have fun expressing themselves. But life isn’t a contest to see who can be the dopest all the time… sometimes it really is just about having fun doing something that is “comfortable” even if it’s been done a thousand times.

  2. Izzy do you scratch? If so lets hear something groundbreaking then. Relax man this was just fun. If you can’t have fun and respect peoples style then you should be making comments.

  3. Yeah I do scratch now and then gave it up due to carpal tunnel I make beats that’s my thing now. I can comment all I want, Dj Robzilla your right homie you were jamming I get what you were doing know maybe cuz I see all this in l.a. I thought it was common everywhere my bad.

  4. Looks like fun. It’s bad enough I got house DJs all around me and I can’t session with non of them. I wish we had a scene like that here.

  5. What’s happenin’ Izzy?! Man I totally feel your struggles, I was that slow ass scratcher in the vid…haha. I’ve been scratchin’ since ’93 BUT, in ’02 I was dx’d with MS and along with other challenges, my finger functions have dwindled a bit. In general I’m doing very well healthwise but I’ve learned to accept new challenges as they hit me. Although I still cut, I’m much more of a party rocker these days, but I still love to get down! Keep your head up man and keep doin’ your thing!

  6. I’ve been cutting for over 22 years and still struggle on some of the more basic cuts sometimes, but having said that, I don’t practice like I used to. Still, would be dope having a regular get together just to jam like that with like minded fools!

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