Just Blaze’s Fat Beats Tribute DJ Set Part 1

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  1. @ reveal wurd up sit, agree 100%

    This is exactly why serato sucks, you ever heard of Jive Bunny? …play a f!ckin tune ….cut it up ….extend it …any idiot can run through classics on serato …..mad crazy the so called heads a lapping it up …..I hang my head in dismay.

  2. I thought it was kinda ironic that they are using Serato on this occasion. But, you know, the press release from Fatbeats was optimistic in tone…they were looking toward the future.

  3. @Mac Hustle saying that serato sucks is just like saying pro tools suck. its just a tool and it most definitely doesn’t make you a better dj. im just saying.

    I wish Fat Beats could live forever.

    • serato sucks because it does make you a better dj. notice that i didn’t say it makes you a “good” dj,just a better one.
      if you have a million songs you can play-that makes you better
      if you have all songs bpm’d for you-that makes you better
      if you can mix by sight instead of sound-that makes you better
      if you can have a lot of special effects you can “wow” people with-that makes you better

      i have seen this firsthand from dj’s. it does make you better.but guess what….you still suck! no disrespect.

      • let’s see, from pencil to paint to camera to motion picture to internet, which; is how you just communicated. tools. they’re are different. what was that quote from coltrane and playing a shoestring. issa all the same yo. what about playing an instrument vs. other peoples prerecorded music?

  4. Serato might not be able to make someone a better DJ, but it makes deejays lazy and less likely to go dig for records. One of the main reasons why record shops are closing down.

  5. Yo! That’s too much to say that Serato sucks. I understand the argument that homeboy makes about SOME DJ’s being less likely to dig for vinyl but real talk…It’s not serato users that have shut down the vinyl movement. What about ALL the people that illegally download ish’? Many of us have YEARS worth of vinyl and have spent hours diggin’ for the gems.
    We are all sorry for the closure of our beloved record stores but to diss or blame Serato/Tractor etc is kinda dumb.

    One love to FatBeats.

  6. not feeling it ,to me he just goes thru the motions.

    plus i,m not hating on serato it,s a great tool but it,s a fact cd or mp3 quality could neva beat the warm vinyl sound.

  7. let me re-phrase that . real hip hop is dead . its only alive in you attic , basement or open mic shows but not on the radio .

  8. You people are all out of your minds.
    Hating on Serato? Lame.
    Hating on Just Blaze? Lame.

    I buy records every week, and been collecting since ’92. I am overfuckingjoyed that I don’t have to destroy my records anymore while I DJ. All of you can spin your mint copies, put a nice burn on the one when you scratch it in, and scuff the vinyl when you toss it back in the crate. I’m gonna listen at home to my records with the tonearm weight waaaay to light and smile knowing i’m not destroying these joints that took me years to find.

    Just Blaze killed it in this video. We should all be able to spin joints we produced and have the crowd react like that. I respect his catalog–those joints have serious impact. Why would you say “hip-hop is dead” while watching this video? I don’t get it.

    It seems like nothing can appease people these days. Just still samples, can scratch/DJ like a real DJ should and people are hating on him for not keeping it real ENOUGH? This isn’t fucking ’93 man. I’ve seen people headline shows playing little MP3’s off their fucking iTunes. That’s apocalyptic to me, and believe me, that kills me to see that, but come on people….really?

    • SO I GUESS BEFORE SERATO YOU WERE SITTING AROUND THINKING,”I Wish i didn’t have to destroy my records anymore while I DJ”……… right???

      records were made to be played. if you play it until you wear it out it just means you love the music that much more.

      it’s funny how all these serato dj’s have all this “NEW” stuff to say AFTER the fact.

      just blaze is dope but let’s face it,if that was you doing the exact same set,no one would react the same way. this video is not about the music.

      since 92 huh? hmmm………

      • Yes, 1992. I had a crappy belt-drive Technics turntable that I bought at a pawn shop for $12 dollars and a mixer I bought at Radio Shack. First rap record i bought was the “Ill Street Blues” 12″ by Kool G Rap.
        Look, I can’t argue with you about spinning vinyl. I love records, and I agree that records are made to be played, but I’m a scratch DJ and it kills me to listen to all my heavy-hitters that I pretty much destroyed from doing doubles, tossing them in crates (or worse) during routines…I just see how when I was younger I used records more as tools, whereas now, I appreciate them more for the music than anything else. Having that burn mark on the one makes me cringe. I don’t want to be a senior citizen listening to my record collection lamenting how every damn record is beat to sh*t.
        Yes, I have Serato, but I only use it out sometimes–mostly when it seems like the right move (and when I want to play new shit of course). I love the feel of real vinyl better, and have much more fun flipping through records, looking at covers, trying to decide what to play next. I still take the Serato record off the platter automatically after switching to the next song, ready to grab the next 33. So calling me a “Serato DJ” isn’t really a proper assignation.
        I guess I realize this is a pointless retort, because people like you aren’t trying to hear anything to the contrary. All I can say is I understand why people use Serato, and why people use vinyl. The whole problem is that people feel it can only be one certain way. If more people used Serato and still bought records, the vinyl market wouldn’t be in the tank. That is the root of the problem right there, because the progression of technology damn sure can’t be stopped; not at this point.

  9. i agree wit Yikes completely people need to chill the FUCK out stop hatin on serato/tracktor digital vinyl w/e every dope dj uses it every dope producers that diggs and samples and djs use it like homeboy says its a tool we all love vinyl but come on get wit technology anyone who talks shit and hates on blogs period is a legit loser no need haha notice is says TRIBUTE SET so hes goin through the classic hip hop tracks payin homage and listen the crowd is lovin it isnt that what really matters

    • TO YIKES

      i feel you on that. i myself started dj’ing and collecting vinyl since 1986. my first 2 tables came from goodwill, my first record was utfo(self titled),and i too had the radio shack mixer(lol!) you being a scratch dj, i don’t blame you for using serato,or anything else that might last a lot longer(needles,cross faders,etc). i’m more of a mix dj. i have a LOT of records. they are all in plastic sleeves and i’ve NEVER tossed them back in a crate. i totally appreciate the fact that you used records as tools at one time. that’s what they were to most dj’s and there’s nothing wrong with that. the fact of the matter is,i don’t use serato but i’m sure i appreciate serato more than 99% of those that do because i started as a mobile dj which meant i did everything from weddings to high schools to college radio to picnics. i’ve spun country,rock,polka,rap,jazz,soul,etc. i would have killed for serato back then but those days are gone. what’s funny is that i hear many serato dj’s talk about how many songs are on their computer then thay come out to the club,spin for 1 hour and play the same set they would have if they were still using records,execpt this time instead of 15 songs they play 50 or 60 songs at 30 seconds a piece like just blaze just did here. serato is most def a tool. a GREAT tool,but most people that use it focus on the “bells and whistles” instead of it’s proper use. your retort is not pointless. you are one of the few people that utilizes serato while maintaining your creativity. and if you dj a LOT or you travel to dj then it would by foolish to not use serato. feel me?

  10. Sigh… the vinyl nerds are hating again…

    I honestly don’t believe you can tell the difference between vinyl and high quality mp3s. Vinyl nerds just like to THINK they can.

    I’d like to get them blindfolded in a room and play them a bunch of shit (vinyl and mp3), and laugh at them when they get it wrong.

  11. hardwear vs software again . another silly catfight , new school vs old school is all it is . im cool cause i have records taking up all the room in my house , no no ! im cool because i can just buy a laptop and serato and im a dj .well how about you show up at the club with records and I show up at the club with a laptop. people will dance and drink either way! BUT one person will be more tired than the next lol meaning , one will have a little laptop case and peacefully exit the door after his set is done. the other will have both hands tied up moving crates to the van and moving a dj coffin a coffin. what other differences are you haters looking for ?

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