HP ENVY Beats Audio In-Studio Commercial

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  1. I wonder if this come with Beatkangz virtual installed…?
    Nah but fo real, i dont really see any big difference to normal HP laptop…?

  2. I don’t want to hear what Dre hears. I would rather have Dre hear to what WE have to listen to whenever we buy any of the new music he’s affiliated with nowadays. Super limited, crunched, distorted, loud-ass records with no respect to the dynamics of a song. Then hopefully, Dre can get a clue as to why everyone thinks his BEATS brand is a joke and why Jimmy Iovine doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • everyone thinks beats is a joke lol… I highly doubt that given the amount of people I see using them and producers I know that bought them. I personally use Senheisser headphones but I don’t think beats suck they are just not accurate in terms of monitoring to me, however as a headphone for everyday use they are good. Overpriced for sure but that is up to the consumer and from what I’ve seen a lot of people are shelling out money for them. For the record I don’t know what Dre records don’t have dynamics your bugging out on that one.

      • Dre records do have dynamics, I didn’t mean that they didn’t because you can tell in the mixes that they are present but just not being represented. What I really meant was what big labels do to the final mixes. To force the mastering engineer to make records competitive. Limiting them to shit just to make them louder for the purpose of commercialization. Like Eminem’s Recovery…great album, very bad mastering. I can’t even listen to the whole album in one sitting at a comfortable level.

  3. also this shit will sell just like the headphones did because simply the whole idea behind the laptops is actually good, better audio components on laptops has been a necessity for a while now… they are just the first to fill that need.

  4. They’re just selling an image to the consumer market. They don’t seem to be marketing to us…the people who make music and dj. If they were they would be giving specs, showing real demos and promoting the machine with working artist.

    This alone makes it a joke.

  5. I would think you still need a interface for good sound or protools and that labtop is overpriced with a cheap paint job. I saw a labtop online with the same specs if not better for half the price. I guess you pay $1500 extra because dr dre said so, yea right.

  6. Have any of you actually looked at the laptop specifications or are you simply talking out the backside? By the specifications alone, the BEATS line is very solid. Whether it performs as well (and I am sure it does) is something only someone who HAS the laptop can determine.

    Anyone who owns it, speak up. Otherwise, please keep uneducated opinions to yourself.

  7. as far as aesthetic goes its something i would buy, the all black with red accents looks ill, like some stealth shit.But lets be real, This is a big waste of money. If you got the paper to spend, then by all means purchase. if not, theirs better options out there.

  8. I agree with kwazi, I’d like to try one out just to see if its really everything that its hyped up to be before I make an opinion.

  9. It sounds good,it looks good,but for the price,I wouldn`t do it. You could modify a simpler laptop to do the same things for less. it`s mainly asthetics .I`m not paying for that. But I believe the price will come down on it. Think about it, Computers have about a 5 year run before you upgrade them or just buy a new one,so why pay this much for something you could have for less?

  10. Haters clown Beats cause they can’t afford them however not the best sounding headphones. Very over priced sound great look dope and feel nice. Just a ton of money, spend it if you got it. Don’t hate.

  11. How much do you get for promoting things? This and the maschine… is this blog still about beats? It’s getting very annoying.

  12. I aint buying that bull shit you’re shovlin’

    seriously though, Dr. Dre’s name is just being used to sell this. I fix pc’s/laptop and its true what Chi-Stey said “that labtop is overpriced with a cheap paint job”. I wonder if they even reinforced the audio in/out jacks since this is for music, anyone ever seen what they look like in 2 years from regular use?

    its big business kid…

  13. I will say that I know no one with this laptop, for one reason: They all use Macs. What is the point is buying something that genuinely has not been tried, tested, and proven better? I mean, for basically the same price, I would rather have a Mac than this Beats PC any day of the week.

    The purpose of this seems to be licensing, not production. Dre is a music man, and like any self respecting music man, he will use what is proven to be the best thing for him and that is a Mac.

    This is not a scam, it is merely a new product that does the same thing that something else does for the same price. His headphones are good for casual music listening (read: not for DJing). And for the same price, you can get something exactly the same somewhere else. So, quit complaining about it being a scam, because it isn’t. It is just competition and Dre (basically) on his grind.

  14. I’ve been deciding whether or not to get this laptop, like most have said, I haven’t seen anyone with one, but I know two people who have the beats headphones. People say they suck and what not, but I’ve listened to them. They are superb headphones. I have produced music with them, and I’d much prefer them over a lot of brands. Grant it, there is some flaws, but lets be honest here. What headphones are the best? Most headphones are shit; Nobody has marketed anything for sound and this laptop is the first to really start things pumping. When HP makes newer models in a few years with Beats, they will fulfill most of everyone’s needs with specific specs. This is just a test run of a new brand, and if people like them, they’ll get more money, and with more money they’re most likely invest in better parts that aren’t outsourced from China. I’d say in 3 – 7 years, this brand of laptops will be ahead of Mac’s hardware for sound just because this computer brand is completely dedicated to it. Oh, and to the person who commented about the over limited Eminem Album: Recovery, Dr. Dre didn’t produce most of those instrumentals. Eminem tries doing his own thing now. So it’s really a learning process to compete with other record labels, and to the person talking about the Maschine, I know someone with the Maschine and it’s quite a cool gadget, but I’d recommend buying a regular NPC than that garbage. My friend who bought it is such a brand whore.

    P.S. A lot of Mac Users think Beats are a joke because they are pioneers in what they do. Adding crap loads of mastering, EQs, and compression into their hardware. Something hardly any other company has ever done, whether it works or not; can’t say for sure. But the headphones are really great, the price for a decent pair I heard is $100-$150. So it’s not really a lot of money for the headphones, I’d just wait until price goes down for this laptop. If no one buys they’ll bring the price lower or cancel the series.

  15. Unbelievably BAD laptop speakers. Not only does all sound come through as “muffled” but when I play Bejeweled 3 the effects are horribly distorted. Sounds totally overboosted. I have cut the Eq to low minus levels, and the tone in sound panel adjs to low levels. It sounds ok more or less through headphones but even through my Bose external speakers it’s muffled (but not awfully distorted as through the laptop speakers). Doesn’t HP test this stuff???

  16. Is this laptop good for production? I’ve visited other sites but i didn’t see anything for production on the laptop just different opinions about sound quality. If anyone could help me out on this that’d be great. Thanks

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