DMC USA 2010 Battle Dates + Registration Information


Battle DJ’s get ready! A number of 2010 USA battle dates have been confirmed, so polish up those routines and prepare for war. Act quickly if you’re planning to enter. Early round prizes include choice of mixers and, of course, bragging rights.

DMC NOLA – Regional DJ Battle (April 16) – New Orleans, LA
DMC Cali Regional DJ Battle & DMC USA Competition (May 21) – Long Beach, CA
DMC Regional DJ Battle (May 28) – San Antonio, TX

Visit DMC World for complete event and registration info.

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  1. battles never die this is the way djs old and new can always showcase their skills hell i was reading a couple of days ago dj aladdin was coming back for the 2011 comp… so unless you are a dj that cant blend or cut you wounldnt understand………..

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