DMC Team Japan 2009 World Final Documentary Footage

A short documentary follows Japanese DJ’s Hi-C, Yasaa, Co-ma, and Shota prepargin for and performing at the 2009 DMC World DJ Championships.  Kireek, which consists of DJ’s Hi-C and Yasaa, ultimately won the team championship despite technical difficulties while DJ Co-ma took second place behind DJ Shiftee.  Further proof that hard work and perseverance definitely pay off.

205 thoughts on “DMC Team Japan 2009 World Final Documentary Footage”

  1. boo. no one flips hip hop records anymore. always the same drum n bass and electro bs. if you want to see some good battle footage, look up the dmc’s and itf’s from the early to late 90’s. turntablism fell off and lost it’s SOUL. i don’t care how technical you are, if you ain’t got soul i don’t get my vote.

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