Buckwild’s Favorite Producers & Early D.I.T.C.

BoBO serves up the second half of Sean C & LV’s interview with Buckwild features the producer listing the instrumental masters that had the biggest influence on his sound and career. Buckwild also tells more stories about famous beats that were passed over and delves into the group collaboration and inspiration that took place during early D.I.T.C.

View Part 1 of Buckwild’s interview.

518 thoughts on “Buckwild’s Favorite Producers & Early D.I.T.C.”

  1. From all Buckwild’s interviews, you can tell he really cares about the music he puts out. It inspiring to see how his competitive nature really pushes him to make the best beats he can. Great post.

  2. buckwild is the man. i was fortunate enough to interview him recently for a project im working on, and i gotta say, it was an all around great experience. dude is one of the all time greats; he made so any classic records, from his days on the sp12 and 1200 through the present.

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