Buckwild On Production “It’s A Competitive Thing”

Sean C & LV interview D.I.T.C. legend Buckwild discusses the importance of directly meeting and staying in contact with artists, misdirected beats such as the instrumental for “I Got A Story To Tell”, which was originally created for and rejected by Foxy Brown, modern day A&R business issues, and the danger of giving away free beats.

“It’s a competitive thing.  It’s not just to be like, yo I need to get a record on the radio.  You want to make the hottest record possible.”

1,477 thoughts on “Buckwild On Production “It’s A Competitive Thing””

  1. It’s great to hear this dude speak. He’s made so many of my favorites and i’ve never really heard the man talk before.

  2. Buck is a G… one of the few legend producers that take a minute to talk to new beat banger on the come up.

  3. I really like Buck, I always have. He isreal an his beats are sick. He makes you really assess or look into why you are making beats and what you want to get out of being a producer.

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