Two Hand Band – History And Significance of The Akai MPC

Here we’re presented with further testimony on what some consider to be the most significant sampler in Hip-Hop.  Two Hand Band serves up a brief history of the MPC, its creation by Roger Linn, and the effect it’s had on the creation of contemporary music.  The segment also interviews with Damu The Fudgemunk, P-Fritz, K-Murdock reflecting on their personal feeling towards the line of samplers and the other famous users who’ve used the device to establish their signature sounds.  Crate Kings favorite Damu even gives a quick demo how the machine works.

If you haven’t already, make sure you download a copy of Damu’s Overtime for a first hand example of how the MPC should be properly handled.

3 thoughts on “Two Hand Band – History And Significance of The Akai MPC”

  1. Man, I hear it. The MPC 2000xl is like the God of all produdtion equipment to me. So many times, I will just look at the thing and think, “man, this is an amazing machine”. Recently I started to mess with Reason 4, which has been my first step into software prodcution. I was instantly wooed by the quality of the refill sounds and such, and I still think its amazing, but damn if I didnt go back to my old MPC after three weeks. There is nothing like the work flow/creativity flow on this thing. I’m just sad that Akai is no longer a Roger Linn thing, and it seems like the quality of the prodcut has really taken a nose dive. It makes me want to buy as many 2000xl’s as I can over the next five years, cause eventually, these things will be as rare as SP 1200’s.

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