MF Doom’s Dirty Downfall: More Ways To Kill Your Fanbase


For the most part, the editorial policy here at Crate Kings is to avoid mentioning people or events that don’t deserve positive coverage, but for the sake of balanced opinion and reader warning, something has to be said about the recent MF Doom concert fakery.

We can all agree that it says a lot when Kno of CunninLynguists feels the need to publicly chime in and write "An Open Letter To MF Doom" addressing the now numerous MF Doom shanigans and acts of disrespect.  I guess Doom didn’t get the memo detailing sure fire ways to alienate your fan base.  What’s really sad is that many, including myself, have been essentially searching for ways to hand over buckets of revenue to this character.  Instead we receive nothing more than a game of snatchees with our hard earned dough, endless excuses, and most recently, lackluster impostors.

I’ve personally been a direct victim of his antics twice and I promise that it will never happen again:

  • A few years ago I arrived in Boston to see him perform alongside Danger Mouse.  Surprise, surprise… Doom was a no show.  Excuse given: "The Flu".
  • Last summer, Doom was the sole reason why I shelled out significant cash to attend Rock The Bells – Chicago.  Upon arriving at the show concert staff acted like they never even heard of him.

We’ve all been patient with the rumors of illness and his understandable avoidance of the press, but at this point he’s certainly crossed the line.  While I will always enjoy his simple & odd production style and random rhymes, I gave up caring about anything he does along time ago.  There are simply too many quality artists for us to even bother chasing down a person that doesn’t want to be scene, heard, or found.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Why haven’t we received an official statement from either him or his label explaining the circumstances? 
  • Is this just another one of the publicity stunts that seem to drive album sales nowadays?

908 thoughts on “MF Doom’s Dirty Downfall: More Ways To Kill Your Fanbase”

  1. I agree with ice, it’s hard to be mad at a villain for some villainous stunts. Hopefully he’ll make up for it by releasing something nice soon.

  2. Damn, I had no idea. Seems like plain and clear bullshit. Anyone who doops their fans like that is a total fucktard in my opinion. I would throw out his music if I had any, but I always thought he was just too gimicky. Rza already did that whole thing to perfection my dood.

  3. Its all a plan hell come through the people should have learned after the first show where the impostor came in.

    I seen him live a few times even on the madvillain tour where i got to see dilla perform for the last time. DOOM WILL drop something dope soon i dont doubt it.

  4. I mean, if he’s pissing off his fans to that extent, there’s nothin that seems cool about it to me. I get that this is his villanous persona or whatever, but when you gotta pay 20 bucks of hard earned money for some bullshit, aren’t you gonna be pissed? I don’t know about you, but I’m not rich, and 20 bucks means two days of gas or a couple meals I could have had. I grew up listening to both hip hop and punk rock, and I can tell you with confidence that if a punk rock and pulled this type of shit, there would be ten to twenty dudes in the parking lot ready to stomp some ass. Imagine somebody pulling some shit like this at the Apollo back in the day! Say goodbye to your career.

  5. Fuck Doom
    To anyone who thinks this is marketing that will help the sales for a new cd : Who is gonna buy that cd after all this??

    Maybe people who like to be screwed over again and again, but not normal rational people

    I’ll said it before and I’ll say it agian : FUCK DOOM

  6. He’s taking this villian stuff too far when people spend their hard earned cash to see you and you send a fake is just disrespectful he should give refunds and publicly apologize cause that’s some bullshit you don’t know what people went through to get and pay for those tickets and what it ment to them FUCK DOOM until he makes some changes to his attitude or whatever is making him do this

  7. it cracks me up every time i hear someone salty about MF DOOM sending impostors to his shows. for one, he tells you that he’s gonna do that in his lyrics… and two… i use to be heavy on the comics as a youngin… Dr. Doom had these this called Doombots that looked like him and he would send them out to do his work at times. And when the Fantastic Four would think they caught him, it would turn out that they only caught one of his doombots and not the real thing… DOOM is hilarious to me and ill always be a fan. he’s a real dude who don’t care about what others think about him. He is unreliable as a person, but what do expect?… dude wears a mask on the regular…LOL…he is still one of the BADDEST on the mic!

  8. Met Doom without knowing who he was outside of Hiphopsite in Las Vegas. (I saw his face). Anyways he was outside in front of the store smoking a blizzy. I walk in the store not really payin attention. The line for autographs is nuts. This dudes walsk in behind me Put’s on the mask then goes up to the counter. I’m telling this because the actual dude was outside in front of the store the entire time. Nobody knew who he was then he just comes in and puts on the mask and went to the counter. Crazy

  9. “dt” up there has the right idea. DOOM’s not doing anything rude or unusual. Real fans appreciate and understand what their getting themselves into. I fuck wit DOOM. I own two CD’s and his shits always playing on my iPod. Fuck wit it or Dont.

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