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Online Drum Machine = Pure Time Wasting Satisfaction

Just in case you become tired of performing productive tasks all day long, Ron Winter created an online drum machine capable of being played by both mouse and keyboard.  While there’s no sequencer included, the sounds alone are guaranteed to fill any 10 minute void of your choosing. Go play it!

iPhone FourTrack Recorder Brings More Mobile Options

Here’s another option for those wishing to step up their mobile recording setup.  Offered at the introductary price of $9.99, FourTrack by Somoma Wireworks offers 44.1 khz CD-Quality recording along with WiFi file transfer to desktop comps. [Sonoma via Wired]

Ocarina For iPhone Brings Flutelike Fun

With the multitude of iPhone synths, keyboards, and other instruments… software developer Smule delivers Ocarina, a wind instrument capable of being played by blowing into the iPhone speaker.  The .99 cent goodness never ends.

Acid Pro 7 Announced By Sony

Users of Sony Acid will be glad to know that an update is soon on the way with the release of Sony Acid Pro 7.  No specifics yet on the availability of the updated release, but it’s nice to know that the added features are "coming soon." Updated Feature Include: Audio and MIDI mixing console    … Read more

Traktor Pro + Traktor Scratch Pro Announced by Native Instruments


The digital vinyl combat has heated up with Native Instruments’ announcement of Traktor Pro and Traktor Scratch Pro. 

On the software end, Traktor Pro features revised functions such as cueing and looping, extended MIDI syncing, incremental track search, portable collection and setting files, dedicated key correction and filter sections for each deck.  Traktor Scratch Pro includes both Tracktor Pro Software and the Audio 8 DJ interface with a set of time-coded vinyl and CD’s.

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Serato + Ableton Form Partnership

Serato Scratch Live has long been the standard in the world of digital vinyl, but things have just gotten even more interesting now that the announcement has been made about their creative partnership Ableton.  “Ableton and Serato take different approaches to modern musical performance,” says Ableton CEO Gerhard Behles, “But both companies live by the … Read more

iStylophone Synthesizer iPhone App

Software developer TVCSC has further contributed to cellie based music production with their iStylophone base on the 1960’s Dubreq Stylophone, which was billed as a pocket electronic organ.  $5.95 gets you all the pocket organ fun you can handle. [via Crave]

Pharrell Williams “I’m A PC” Commerical

Pharrell talks about energy and transcendence, then pushes an inferior operating system on his fans who are already very aware of the superiority of *NIX computing (Mac, Linux, Unix).  Thumbs down Pharrell… we all know that you use an iPhone.

JJ OS 2 For MPC 1000 + MPC 2500 Released

Those frustrated with Akai will be glad to know about the latest release of JJ OS 2 v1.21 for the MPC 1000 and v1.20 for the MPC 2500.  The JJ OS offers a number of features not contained in the stock Akai OS including: Real Time Pitch Shift, MIDI Bend In, 32 tracks of audio, … Read more