Acid Pro 7 Announced By Sony


Users of Sony Acid will be glad to know that an update is soon on the way with the release of Sony Acid Pro 7.  No specifics yet on the availability of the updated release, but it’s nice to know that the added features are "coming soon."

Updated Feature Include:

  • Audio and MIDI mixing console   
  • Audio, MIDI, and Bus Track Meters
  • Input busses
  • Real-time rendering
  • MIDI track freeze
  • Enhanced timestretch and pitch shifting with élastique Pro
  • Enhanced Beatmapping for tracks with tempo changes
  • Tempo curves
  • Metronome countoff
  • Cross-track event drag and drop
  • Switches including Normalize, Invert Phase, Mute, and Lock
  • External control surface channel tracking
  • Custom labels for ASIO™ devices and ports
  • Enhanced plug-in management
  • Optimized plug-in scanning via the Plug-in Manager
  • Interactive Tutorials
  • FLAC, AAC, AC-3 Studio, and MPEG-2, format support

See Sony website for more details.

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