Pharrell Williams “I’m A PC” Commerical

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  1. Big bucks for this kind of endorsement.
    Pharrell is cool….Though that was a poor job of regurgitating Einstein energy theories.

    My overall is view on the PC things, is this:
    I work for the “evil empire”. Corporate America uses PC’s (Unless you work in the entertainment/music/hollywood hoods).
    I associate work (MS Office, Outlook, etc…) with PCs.
    They are BORING. I think the popular Apple commercials do a good job of capturing this theory.
    I have a Macbook at home. I use this for pleasure and use its power and modern (cool looking) OS for powerful music based applications….including Itunes.
    There is a BIG separation between the 2 companies. 1 for work (in most cases work is NO FUN) 1 is for good times.

    Macs are better, more modern, and JUST WORK. This is not an opinion. People who want to argue don’t own a MAC. Until they do they won’t understand.

    Not saying Windows won’t come up with something that can compete with MAC OSX, and if they do I will buy it.

    I think its conclusive to say MAC has the better product at this point in time. PERIOD.

  2. i saw this ad and thought, “man, there is no way he uses a pc in the lab.” Now, I know 9th still does, though I’ve seen him with a mac lso. I agree that its all a matter of personal preferance, but the facts are in: macs are more user friendly. when you are making music, or doing anything creative, the last thing you want to think about are system commands if something fucks up. all i can say is this: i have had a mac now for about 8 months, i have not had to deal with a single virus, and i’ve had zero problems. With pc’s i was constantly fighting Norton wars.

  3. @Shaun “RevelaShaun 6:8” Rob.

    Newsflash… the strength of blogs is that they are written by real people and push personal opinion. As a former XP and Vista user, I feel obligated to share my opinion and experiences with various platforms.

    Regarding your iPod argument… I’ve also owned a Zune and smartphones utilizing Windows Mobile, which, if you didn’t know, are extensions of PC’s.

    Btw… I’ve found both iPods and iPhone to be far superior products in terms of usability, stability, and compatibility.

    P.S. Your landing page needs work.

  4. Both mediums have their advantages and disadvantages.
    Macs and Pc’s are like the difference between a DVD player and a Blueray disk player. Blue-ray cost more for both the player and the movies and the choices of movies are limited. While DVD players, are cheap and far more affordable and the movie selections are endless and can be found in abundance.

    Software and vsti plugin selections are very limited for Mac.

    Most retailers don’t even carry products for it. PC’s definitely have it’s problems, but most folks, can more easily afford one over a Mac. Can you get a new mac system for $400 or less?

  5. I completely disagree with alot of mac heads on this blog.

    I am a professional hip-hop producer, meaning I actually work live and survive off of my music.

    I love macs. I started on them, I swore to them for years. They are great computers. They run efficiently with little or no problems and they are great for media.

    However as some of you may say you view “PCs as work computers, similarly many die hard PC users view Macs as the “playskool” computer for those who dont know how to run and maintain a top of the line computer. Macs remind them of being in a second grade class room using a Mac to draw pictures on Kid Pix and play Mario teaches typing. They initially and still are a fool proof education computer, and great for kindergarteners to play on and not mess up.

    Now on the other hand,

    I currently have a fully customized PC( and still run a Mac Pro for Logic). It is much faster and frankly more fun to use than my Mac. But the initial boost sequence for the first start up on Mac was the coolest thing I have ever seen. I swear aliens must work at mac or something. haha.

    The plus for my PC is that it is fully customizable. Its not hard to switch parts in and out as you need, and as technology progresses. Once you buy a mac, its not quite as user friendly for customizing (it can be done).

    Now as far as windows handheld products… they suck.

    the Iphone kills them. but blackberrys are pretty cool too.

    please world, try to keep a level mind and dont let all theses corporate marketing trends affect your opinion of something. Just check out the product… if it works for you and what you are doing, then awesome.


  6. If your not sign or getting paid high dollar for your work,it doesnt matter what you use. Work with what you have damn spending money on something you cant get paid off of,or cant operate. Some like pcs,some like macs, or some use digital track boards,etc. Ive been doin this for years i seen equiptment come and go. Just like producers and artist.Use what u got til you can upgrade.Or holla at me for a session lol. TRIPLE TIGHT TRACKS Recording Studios

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