Macs vs PCs – The Back Alley Version

Guaranteed satisfaction satisfaction for anyone fed up with Windows issues or Apple’s marketing campaigns… Macs vs. PCs in a back street brawl of epic proportions.  How could you not enjoy seeing someone catch a  MacBook beatdown???

Digiwaxx Hacked Now Redirecting To Funkmaster Flex’s Franchise?

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According to the bulletin sent by Digiwaxx Media, one of the largest free online MP3 record pools, their website has been hacked.  Again, nothing unusual considering the recent comprising of urban websites, but here’s where it gets really strange… their domain now redirects to Funkmaster Flex’s Franchise Record Pool!

Digiwaxx states:
"Many of you may have noticed by now when trying to access or any of our related sites that you were directed to a different, unaffiliated web page. Please note, this was NOT our doing. OUR SITE WAS MALICIOUSLY COMPROMISED by a person that wishes to do harm to theCompany. (Hi Haters!)"

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Official Wax Poetics #30 Rock Issue Covers (Elvis + Bad Brains)


Here are the official front & back covers for Wax Poetics # 30… The Rock Issue is Wax Po’s first volume dedicated entirely to Rock Music!

"…Bad Brains show how a positive attitude and a disregard for boundaries could change societal notions of what a punk rock band could be. Ernie Isley discusses the Isley Brothers’ familial fame and his own influences, ranging from blind guitarist Jose Feliciano to legend and former roommate, Jimi Hendrix. Fats Domino songwriter Dave Bartholomew, Filmmaker Don Letts, and even Elvis Presley get the Wax Poetics treatment…"

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MF Doom’s Dirty Downfall: More Ways To Kill Your Fanbase


For the most part, the editorial policy here at Crate Kings is to avoid mentioning people or events that don’t deserve positive coverage, but for the sake of balanced opinion and reader warning, something has to be said about the recent MF Doom concert fakery.

We can all agree that it says a lot when Kno of CunninLynguists feels the need to publicly chime in and write "An Open Letter To MF Doom" addressing the now numerous MF Doom shanigans and acts of disrespect.  I guess Doom didn’t get the memo detailing sure fire ways to alienate your fan base.  What’s really sad is that many, including myself, have been essentially searching for ways to hand over buckets of revenue to this character.  Instead we receive nothing more than a game of snatchees with our hard earned dough, endless excuses, and most recently, lackluster impostors.

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Scott Storch Wanted By The Law

Superstar artists still haven’t learned the importance of paying their bills.  Scott Storch is currently in trouble with the law for owing a total of $511,839.16 in back property taxes.  To make matters worse, because of his failure to pay child support, a Miami-Dade Circuit Judge has issued a pick-up order for authorities to arrest … Read more

Mac OS X 10.5.3 Update Release Announced!

I’m sure a number of audio folks will be happy to hear that the latest Leopard release is supposed to fix issues involving stuttering USB video & audio playback and external harddrive recognition.  Now all we need is Pro Tools support for Leopard (a rant that’ll be saved for a later date).  Also addressed are … Read more

Recording Artists Pushing For New Audio Standards

Not directly related to Hip-Hop, but nonetheless a concern to all producers concerned with sound quality.  We all know that hypercompression is the current trend in mastering and that lossy codecs such as mp3 are inferior, but has it gotten out of control?  Neil Young, Trent Reznor, John Mellencamp, and T Bone Burnett are uniting … Read more

Pharrell Makes Madonna Cry During Studio Session

The word is out… Pharrell does not play around with whiney artists.  Madonna admitted that he made her cry an unusually tough  studio session when she couldn’t understand a rhythm. "Pharrell made me cry. You know when you get angry with someone and you’re spitting snot.  I was in a sensitive mood in the studio … Read more

Sued For Samples: Kanye West, Common, Method Man And Redman

The latest significant sample lawsuit to hit the streets is brought to us courtesy of Kanye West, Common, Method, Redman, and a bunch of folks over at the Universal Music Group.  Seems like Kanye West just can’t escape the sample clearance lawsuits lately.  This time the daughter of Jazz saxophonist Joe Farrell has sued for … Read more