Sued For Samples: Kanye West, Common, Method Man And Redman


The latest significant sample lawsuit to hit the streets is brought to us courtesy of Kanye West, Common, Method, Redman, and a bunch of folks over at the Universal Music Group.  Seems like Kanye West just can’t escape the sample clearance lawsuits lately.  This time the daughter of Jazz saxophonist Joe Farrell has sued for lifting the drum break from Joe Farrell’s 1974 CTI recording of Upon This Rock.  The samples were "allegedly" used on Kanye’s "Gone", Common "Chi-City", and Method Man/Redman’s "Run 4 Cover". 

Apparently, at least $1 million being sought in punitive damages, but was it worth it?

575 thoughts on “Sued For Samples: Kanye West, Common, Method Man And Redman”

  1. Shit, U can’t sue for drum sounds, Due to there being no pitch or key notes involved,
    Kanye should tell em fuck off!
    He did loop it which didn’t help his cause but DAMN!

  2. First and first of all, don’t hate on kanye. yeah, he samples tunes from who knows where…. this method is still not a sure fire way to stardom…. Kanye’s got some serious swag and beat control… have you heard his tracks with sample incorperated…. shiiieat! enough said. peace.

  3. It sucks that great producers get caught up in stuff like this and we “amateurs” get scared by it. I think it’s just a sign of the times – everybody wants what others have i.e that MONEY!! Sampling is hip hop!! Yes it’s great when an artist makes something completely out of the dark pits of the mind but if we look back on the history of hip hop… It began two turntables ,an MC , and some imagination! So don’t be afraid to sample as long as you’re being creative
    and really loving the process and creation 🙂

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