Chad Hugo Rocks Logic ES1 Synthesizer

Pharrell may be a PC, but apparently Chad is a Mac.  N.E.R.D./Neptunes production wizard Chad Hugo offers up an example of what can be accomplished with only a laptop and DAW of choice.  In this case, Chad has no problems using Logic Pro along with the ES1 synthesizer.  [via HHM]

N.E.R.D. Seeing Sounds CD Giveaway

I’m sure that by now everyone reading this knows who the Neptunes are and what types of crazy compositions they’re capable of creating.  So with Tuesday’s release of N.E.R.D.’s latest album entitled Seeing Sounds, you know there had to be a giveaway, right? Up for grabs are 3 copies of the full length N.E.R.D. Seeing … Read more

Pharrell Makes Madonna Cry During Studio Session

The word is out… Pharrell does not play around with whiney artists.  Madonna admitted that he made her cry an unusually tough  studio session when she couldn’t understand a rhythm. "Pharrell made me cry. You know when you get angry with someone and you’re spitting snot.  I was in a sensitive mood in the studio … Read more

Pharrell In Studio w/ Sergio Veneno

A quick visit in the studio with Pharell and Star Trak artist Sergio Veneno.  Not a whole lot of production specifics being revealed here, but it’s alway interesting to watch Pharrell at work, especially when he chooses to cross genre lines.

Pharrell Talks Music, Cell Phones, And Sequencers

In what looks to be somewhat of an impromptu interview, Pharrell Williams discusses NERD projects, his collection of gold plated smartphones, and not using Pro Tools as a sequencer.  He seemed a little distracted, but technophiles will find the segment irresistible. [via BGR]

Chad (Neptunes) In The Studio: Crates And Synths

The typically low key Chad shows off a few crates, modules, and synths during a brief tour of his studio.  As he bugs out a little towards the end, you have to really admire the amount of pure fun that both of The Neptunes seem to have while creating music.