Chad Hugo Rocks Logic ES1 Synthesizer

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  1. Hey its actually simple all u do is go into environment on logic and from them route it up then u can use sounds from logic and sequence inside the mpc then track it out in logic
    Logics super powerful!! Reason is cool too me well rewired it is But hey its whatever u use
    and how u use it !!

  2. YO skills ‘ send me an email on that or a video im curious to know how to do that in logic .I tries it with pro tools and sampletank (sampletank says its multitimbral when its really not bcause you hafto make an instrumntthack and a midi track ) Its impossible to do it on the fly like it is reason.

  3. I used to use my keyboard to play also but then I decided to get a midi keyboard so my fingers could have more room…

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