Chad (Neptunes) In The Studio: Crates And Synths

The typically low key Chad shows off a few crates, modules, and synths during a brief tour of his studio.  As he bugs out a little towards the end, you have to really admire the amount of pure fun that both of The Neptunes seem to have while creating music.

5 thoughts on “Chad (Neptunes) In The Studio: Crates And Synths”

  1. chad is a very good friend of mine. alot of cats don’t know that he’s nice on the 1’s & 2’s. we used to dj together back in the day around ’99/2000. dude got cuts! this footage was from the “clones” dvd. he got alot more crates than that. matter of fact, i still got a few of his! and yes, his synth collection is on point!

  2. hook it up then. chad is my frikkin idol when it comes to music. well next to sirr paul. I heard he stays out in socal from some dood that works at a mac store.

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