Erykah Badu The Healer w/ Real Thang Colored Vinyl Giveaway!


I woke up today and couldn’t decide which I love more, Fridays or April weather, so we decided to have a giveaway to celebrate both!  Up for grabs is a limited edition copy of Erykah Badu’s "The Healer" w/ "RealThang" pressed on purple and pink vinyl.  All real DJ’s out there know the irresistible allure of colored vinyl, so you’d better hop on this one!

Erykah Badu – "The Healer"/"Real Thang" Limited Edition Purple & Pink Vinyl
Record 1 – Purple Vinyl
Side A:
1. The Healer (Produced By Madlib)(Clean Version)
Side B:
1. The Healer (Produced By Madlib)

Record 2 – Pink Vinyl
Side C:
1. Real Thang (Produced By Madlib)(Extended Play/Main)
2. Real Thang (Produced By Madlib)(A Cappella)
Side D:
3. Real Thang (Remixed By Rashad "Ringo" Smith/Tumblin Dice)
4. Real Thang (Remixed By Green Lantern)

To win you must submit a comment to this post with the answers to the following 2 questions:

  • What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?
  • What would you want to see improved or added to

We’ll choose the best response as our winner.   Comments must be submitted before 12a.m Thursday, April 17th to be entered.  You may comment multiple times with no penalty.  You must provide name and email address in your comment to be considered.

Also, if you haven’t already, head on over and check out the Erykah Badu "Real Thang" remix contest for your chance to shine and win some highly coveted prizes!

866 thoughts on “Erykah Badu The Healer w/ Real Thang Colored Vinyl Giveaway!”

  1. What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?

    DIDN’T CHA KNOW: cause i “made a wrong turn back there” too.

    What would you want to see improved or added to

    A new feature I’d like to read/see would contain the gear, not necessarily the records, used to create a particular record or album. A participant (producer, engineer, mc) could provide interesting anecdotes about the process. Of particular interest would be: how the studio enhanced the music as it existed within the sp/mp/etc.., mistakes that worked, sample laws, was the music made sober or…more than sober?

  2. I gotta go with “on and on” because it was groundbreaking as far as style. That was one of the records along with a few others that pioneered the “neo soul” sound. It was one of those joints that got me back to peeping rnb…..from a producers standpoint. I still play it when i spin certain functions.

    i think the site could be improved by going deeper into obscure records. The net has gotten to the point where you can basically google any sample another producer has used on a beat, so I think it would be cool to challenge the more seasoned beat diggers and at the same time let the more novice cats know how deep the game is. Lets face it for every record that has been discovered, there are a million that have not been.

    just my 2 cents…

    check my beats at

  3. BOOMAN! hello, yr a good example. I’m sure youve got ill beat tales..
    Was “sex machine” the first record you and Lab put put? what’s good with the SR release?
    Are you feeling any new house producers nowadays?


  4. I’m feeling the same track as DJ BOOMAN. The first time I ever heard Erykah Badu was when Mos Def sampled “On & On”in his own classic, “Mathematics.” That was also the first full track of Ms. Badu’s I ever heard and it has really stuck with me. It’s got a great a great vibe and the lyrics are intense once they start to unravel after a couple listens. “I’m going underwater with three dollars and six dimes,” which she balances with “You can’t fuck with me so just leave it alone.” The swagger and intelligence of this joint is off the charts. Badu really shows the extent of her talent on this track, revealing her hip-hop influenced side and showing a great vocal range.

    I’m 18 years young and had been looking into producing hip-hop for a couple years. It was your website and the links to Pete Rock interviews that pushed me to take the dive. So far I’m diggin it. It follows that what I’d like to see more of are tips and hints for up and coming producers. I also love to hear about experiences with digging for records, so keep that up. The one about the two producers in Seattle who found that Ethiopian album down where I’m from in Portland really inspired me to go digging.


  5. What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?

    It would have to be Didn’t Cha Know, because it is produced by one of my biggest influences in music, really made me start doing music is J. Dilla and I like the concept of the song.

    What would you want to see improved or added to

    I would want to add like a Magazine of there own, I think it would be dope.

  6. Man, i found this chick a while ago by accident. I was at this wierd club, watchin a pretty ill DJ spin, and at the end, he had this fat beat juggle with Didnt cha Know, and he was doin this set with an mpc. I cant even describe what he did, but the kicks started commin in on the mpc in 16th notes and then the fattest beat ive ever heard in my life started playin. just then he picked up the record broke it in half, and threw it out to the crowd.

    shit was buggin. and ive wanted a copy of her shit ever since. Didnt cha know takes my favorite to, just because of that insane night.

    And I would love to see cratekings start to evolve into something more than just a blog and forum. It would be great to see some features such as a sample database, that users can upload samples to, and have it categorized into different sections, or perhaps a more official played out beat battle section instead of just forum posts.

    Theres to many websites that are forums and blogs these days. theres no reason to conform to the norm.

  7. Favorite Erykah Track:

    My favorite song from Erykah would have to be Tyrone (live). This song obviously came from her heart, it was empowering to women at a time when women really didn’t have a voice, it harked back to the days of songs like “Clean Up Woman”, the beat is extremely laid back…I could go on for days.


    I’d also like to see more about equipment. I think people are too hooked to the traditional MPC/Record/Tech 1200 formula. I’d like to see more in depth demos, tips, and trick with other pieces of equipment. I’d also like to see more info on developing melodies and bass lines. I think those two things can be overlooked when it comes to beat making.

  8. Since the option is for favorite song OR guest appearance, I gotta go with You Got Me by The Roots with her on the feature. Its undeniable, the smoothe, mellow beat is so laid back you can just zone out. Her voice just sets the track off & complements it so well. I got a wife and when I’m trying to build and I’m away from her too long, its nice to know I’m the only one for her & when I get back, she’s gonna be by my side. This song reminds me of that & we all know that the roots & erykah badu live make an ill combo.

    This site is pretty thorough, it covers all bases. My only thing would be to remove the “tag cloud” section, it makes the opening of the page a lil’ cluttered. I’d stick with the categories/recent posts if people need a place to narrow down their search or find a jumping off point of what to look at. Thats only since I had to come up with something – all in all, I can’t say a thing – I’ve only had a blog for a month & I’ve got plenty to learn.

    Peace & support from your man Tonysunshine at One love

  9. – What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?

    Definately ‘I Want You.’ At First I didn’t really get the song, but after a couple of times listening, the groove really got to me. Everytime I hear the song now, I just need to hear it more. It’s almost like I get into some sort of trance when listening to that tune. There’s a live version of her and her band on youtube performing this song on north sea jazz festival. Amazing.

    – What would you want to see improved or added to
    I’m always interested in how, besides gear, artists set up their workflow. How have they set up their production environment and working process in a way that they’re able to come with new beats all the time and still maintain some sort of artistic growth. Maybe they work on one thing the first hour and another thing the next. Stuff like that always seems interesting to me, but it’s hard to come across on the web.

  10. What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?

    Its all about “Times A Wastin”, if God made music this is what it would sound like. I sit on the train listening to this, my muscles relax and God appears. This song has made me cry before, there must be a God if such beauty can exist. Thank you Erykah.

    What would you want to see improved or added to
    Maybe some exclusive vinyls in a strcitly limited press from the next hungry cat.or some special remixes….

  11. What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?
    Definately Bag Lady
    It’s one of those songs that gets better each time I listen to it. This
    song is dreamy and really have gotten into my system so that I HAVE to listen
    to it often. This is definitely one of my most played tracks in my collection
    and it’s no lie to say I’ve listened over 1,000 times and never tire of it. I
    think it’s because it has so much depth that it doesn’t get old. Dreamy, jazzy,
    soulful, moody, sassy, a bit trippy- she’s got it all.

    What would you want to see improved or added to
    A feature about cratediggers around the world. Interviews,experiences and a walk throug their recordcollection.

  12. What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?

    Must be Tyrone!!!! It’s a personal Thing, there might be better songs… but it was the rigth song, the rigth medicine i needed in a hard time…
    The Tyrone of mine was my former girlfriends “best” friend…. i even now go insane, when i think about it.
    Lady Badu gave me the Boot 2 Think for myself…. and that should be or is the gold medal 4 every songwriter.

    What would you want to see improved or added to

    I know that your site is pretty much focused on producing, but there are guys how are in to the music, even interested in the producing and creating part, but not actually making music. So for me some articls arnt that useful… i’d like to know more about the enthusiasm, the ideas behind the production and the motivation… Stuff like that… where the roots are and what inspiered the Music.
    Maybe its a bit emotional… but i think we all share the love for the music…isnt it?

    So maybe u could find a golden path between technic, skill, knowledge and the creativ process itself.

    please exuse my bad english…i no nativ speaker

    Greetz daniel

    After all just ceep going with ur great work.

  13. What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?

    YOU GOT ME ! – > no solo track, but of the most affecting songs I´ve ever heard. Speaks out of my soul. No more to say to this, word don´t express feelings..

    What would you want to see improved or added to

    not much, a more appealing design would be enough.



  14. lol just to update on my original post … I had to laugh b/c I mentioned it to my wife & when I came home from work last night, she had the beat playing & she was just talking to me over it – basically just reminding of me what i already know, i got her. that might be our song from now on lol. Music can really be uplifting & sometimes say things that we don’t necessarily know how to put to words ourselves. when you’ve got someone who can do it with as much soul & heart as Miss Badu … well, I’m just thankful. Peace & love, TS.

    Excuse the 2nd post, thought this was still related tho lol.

  15. What is your favorite Erykah Badu song or guest appreance and why?

    “Cleva”-This song is one word that describes Erykah. The one phrase I love in
    this song is “my dress cost nothin’ but seven dollars but I made it fly.”

    What would you want to see improved or added to

    A new feature with facts of some rare records or must haves, with pictures and
    stories about it.

  16. my favorite erykah badu song would have to be danger. its great to see that a woman with such a beautiful and sweet voice an be so raw and hip hop. very hot. and my suggestion as far as the website would be, in your store you should carry breaks on vinyl. cause MPC’s are expensive, and beat juggling is just amazing.

    by tha way, cool contest.

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