M.O.P. Engineer Roc Logic Talks Drums and Technology

Here’s an older interview as engineer Roc Logic tells the story of meeting producer Laze E. Laze, and M.O.P. members Lil Fame & Billy Danzenie.  He touches on the growth of technology, automation, the early stages of MIDI and Pro Tools, plus the significance of the Akai MPC 60.  Also addressed are questions for beginner … Read more

Ivan “Doc” Rodriguez Production Rundown And Interview

Impose Magazine offers up a solid resume rundown and interview with Ivan "Doc" Rodriguez, the producer/engineer responsible for many of the singles and albums (Eric B & Rakim, BDP, EPMD, LL Cool J, Biz Markie, MC Lyte, Redman) that have come to define the golden age of Hip-Hop.  Amazingly, for a person who pioneered so … Read more

Engineer Bob Power Drops More Knowledge

I could read about Bob Power for days… this time Brooklyn Bodega hits us with the usual amazing interview with this prolific engineer, producer, and teacher.  I’ve notice recently through various interviews and videos that Power tends to place very heavy emphasis on the topic growth, both musical and personal.  Pay attention as he delves … Read more

Young Guru & Pete Rock Talk About Audio Harmonics

The rule for learning about Hip-Hop production is pretty much this: When Pete Rock speaks, you better listen. In this interview with Remix Magazine, Pete Rock talks about the importance of harmonics, the overuse of compression, and reveals a few tricks such as pre-eq’ing audio before sampling. Read The Interview I’d also like to mention … Read more

9th Wonder starts it off by chopping up a "Pretty Brown Eyes" by Mint Condition, then takes us on a digging excursion to Cue Records located in Philadelphia.  Store owner DJ Botany 500 offers up some unknown joints while 9th wonder talks about receiving a Grammy shout out from Mary J. Blige and sampling records.  … Read more