Young Guru & Pete Rock Talk About Audio Harmonics

The rule for learning about Hip-Hop production is pretty much this: When Pete Rock speaks, you better listen. In this interview with Remix Magazine, Pete Rock talks about the importance of harmonics, the overuse of compression, and reveals a few tricks such as pre-eq’ing audio before sampling. Read The Interview I’d also like to mention that his list of equipment reads like a producer’s wet dream, it’s enough to make you drool. Akai MPC2000XL sampling workstation Alesis Monitor One MK2 monitors API 2500 stereo compressor Apple Power Mac G5 computer Digidesign Pro Tools 7, Digi 002 interface E-mu SP-1200 sampler Empirical Labs Distressor compressor/limiter Fender Rhodes keyboard Focusrite Octo Pre preamp Genelec 1031 monitors JBL LSR325P monitors Neve VR console Rde NT1000 condenser mic Sony C-800G mic Technics SL-1200 turntable

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  1. Yo Pete, itz been proven that u are the best soulbratha of time. Your workstation is completely dope, down here in south africa people don t get the point of making soul music. I always tel em if u dont know what i mean listen to Pete Rock beats. Thats where i got my inspirate from, peace

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