“Vinyl Lovers” Documentary Explores The Passion of Vinyl Collecting

Vinyl Lovers takes us on a journey to explore the views of various collectors and who have an extreme passion for vinyl.  Whether it’s for the cover, sound, or ability to physically manipulate the beautifully made discs, passionate music lovers will always feel the need to dig deep and endlessly pursue these analog wonders. Notable … Read more

Beat Mining With The Vinyl Hoover – BBC Crate Digging Documentary

Crate digging and sampling culture is examined in the 45 minute BBC documentary entitled Beat Mining With The Vinyl Hoover.  Notable interviewees include Steinski, 45 King, Tuff City’s Aaron Fuchs, Mr. Scruff, and more.  The audio will only be available until April 4th, 2009, so go hear it while you can. Listen to the complete … Read more

Before Music Dies Examines The Creation of Sheep Music

Here’s something to make you think twice about the music you’re creating.  The documentary Before Music Dies examines the music industry’s mass marketing, radio consolidation, and factory style creation of pop stars and sheepish music.  Attitudes of fans, artists, and industry insiders are explored as the film’s creators attempt to shed light on often unspoken … Read more

Beatmakerz The Documentary Trailer

9th Wonder, Cool & Dre, Roger Linn, Psycho Les, and a handful of French producers are featured in a documentary entitled Beatmakerz.  Together they address the role of DJ’ing, crate digging, sampling, and beat making. The trailer is half English/French with no sub titles and questionable product availability, but still a good view for production … Read more

King of The Beats DVD – Most Challenging Beat Battle?

Filmaker Pritt Kalsi takes us into the heart of King of The Beats, which, with 9 crews crews from around the world competing against each other for a title, bills itself as "the most hardcore beat battle of all time."

Obviously this isn’t the largest beat battle, but with only a £20 budget and 1 day to complete a track, it certainly ranks in the elite for requiring sampling producers to be resourceful.


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