King of The Beats DVD – Most Challenging Beat Battle?

Filmaker Pritt Kalsi takes us into the heart of King of The Beats, which, with 9 crews crews from around the world competing against each other for a title, bills itself as "the most hardcore beat battle of all time."

Obviously this isn’t the largest beat battle, but with only a £20 budget and 1 day to complete a track, it certainly ranks in the elite for requiring sampling producers to be resourceful.


King of The Beats Producers:

  • P BODY

King of The Beats DVD Launch Party
Sunday September 28th, 2008 (Free)
Brick Lane, London

Check the KOB website for additional trailers and info.

439 thoughts on “King of The Beats DVD – Most Challenging Beat Battle?”

  1. I’ve been lucky so see some of the footage of the film and it’s bananas. This is a deep DVD and aimed at people who really know and understand how Hip Hop should be.

    This is actually Vol. 2, as Vol. 1 was originally only ever available on VHS with only a dozen or less copies made – mainly for the participants.

    Vol. 3 already being formulated and is also going to be crazy as I’ve heard who’s taking part.

    There’s a party and viewing of K.O.T.B. in London on 27th (I think). If you email Pritt, he’ll give you more info.

  2. i remember reading about this back in one of the Big Daddy mags. I got too say that it might not be the biggest battle but it think yes deffinatly the most hardcore. I was able to track him down back in 91 to do an interview for our mag.

    Prior to that issue of Big Daddy beat battle as we know them today was unheard off. He was totally unaware of the buzz he created. And the fact the film was so damn hard to find people didnt fully know what the concept was..they just knew of this thing beat battles. so they sprung up but got the concept all wrong.

    And if people try and say that there is a King of the beats USA, well here is the story. There was a toolz of war news letter that went out anouncing a new event in NYC jugded and hosted by Premo, Finesse and Jay. well all those cats had copies handed to them of the original film by Pritt when he was out in NYC to film THE MEN & THEIR MUSIC long before the USA king of the beats.

    I buzzing to see the new film i didnt know about it until i saw it mentioned here.

    Allthough it might not be the biggest it is and without a doubt one that tuelly belongs there. i did see the trailers and from the shout outs you can see hes deffinatly captured the imaginations of his piers.

    ONe to definatly watch!!! Pritt if out there glad you come back with this!!

  3. If you go on the King of the Beats website, the first film is posted up in it’s entirity under trailer 3. The P Brothers kill it on this, I’ve been watching this every day for the last week or so.

  4. Yo ive been watching that film all fucking day. that has too be the hottest shit ever. I heard about this film years back..

    Fuck all those mpc bullshit battles. This is real fucking hip hop right there. Big up them guys at KING OF THE BEATS!

    THE DUKE 72

  5. How do you contact Pritt? cant find an email? the site is cool. was that film really made in 99? that shit is timeless. is there any interviews anywhere with Pritt i cant find any? who is he?

  6. i went on the site, just copped the dvd, its on there for sale. they only done 500

    looking forward to that!!

  7. …yo people, where can i get this documentary, i’m from BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA, so it’s really really hard to get this, is there somewhere to download, any links…i’ll apreciate it, and keep it to my self, no piracy shit 🙂 one love, thanks in advance, one love from BOSNIA !

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