Trading Drum Secrets w/ DJ Khalil & Tha Bizness

Forget the exclusive leaks and promo material, here’s the backroom production conversation that you’ve been waiting for.  DJ Khalil and Tha Bizness have a candid conversation about recording techniques, plugins, Reason, Logic, and the virtues of simplicity. Takeaways: Share information with other producers. Simple + sweet = good. If you’re curious about the AU plug-ins … Read more

DJ Khalil On Detox, Sampling, and LA Hip-Hop

The Takeover Radio Show brings an interview with DJ Khalil as he discusses first getting involved in music as a DJ, dabbling in his fathers record collection, purchasing his first Ensoniq ASR-10 in 1990, and first meeting Dr. Dre.  Khalil also touches on Detox leaks, the state of LA hip-hop, and why he no longer samples, preferring instead to compose completely original music.

[via Tha Bizness]

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DJ Khalil x J-Thrill On Pro Tools, Sampling, Plug-Ins

In a promo spot for Digidesign, producers DJ Khalil and J-Thrill discuss their starts in Hip-Hop, changes in technology, and the power of digital recording with Pro Tools. DJ Khalil and J-Thrill reveal their first pieces of gear (Ensoniq ASR-10 and Roland MS-1 respectively) and discuss the benefits of using Pro Tools and how its … Read more

DJ Khalil On Dr. Dre, Technology, And Equipment

A short, but very interesting interview as DJ Khalil talks about the progression from DJ to producer, the influence of technology on the production, and vital studio equipment.  He also reminisces on his first major label track placement and important lessons learned from working closely with Dr. Dre. Read the complete interview w/ another bonus … Read more