DJ Khalil x J-Thrill On Pro Tools, Sampling, Plug-Ins

In a promo spot for Digidesign, producers DJ Khalil and J-Thrill discuss their starts in Hip-Hop, changes in technology, and the power of digital recording with Pro Tools.

DJ Khalil and J-Thrill reveal their first pieces of gear (Ensoniq ASR-10 and Roland MS-1 respectively) and discuss the benefits of using Pro Tools and how its versatility complements each of their individual styles. 

DJ Khalil also specifically discusses his move away from sampling, slipping original beats past Dr. Dre, and the strengths of portable recording.

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  1. WHAT! J-thrill is the only producer I’m aware of who’s ever mentioned the infamous Roland MS-1. Whooooooo boy, tons of memories there.

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