DJ Khalil x Dready In Studio Beat Preview

361 thoughts on “DJ Khalil x Dready In Studio Beat Preview”

  1. I l0ve these beat preview clips!!! We need m0re!! That last beat that Dready played was just straight heat. Khalil even made him bring it back! And that first beat that Khalil played needs t0 get t0 Jay-Z f0r a “I Made It” Pt.2 ft. Nas.

  2. C0rrecti0n…. It wasnt the last beat Dready played that i was talking ab0ut. It was the sec0nd t0 last beat. S0rry

  3. Dready is kinda weak. dat shit was like beatmaker status. DJ khalil shit sounds like a producer

  4. considering that dready was using only logic’s stock sounds stuff still sounds cool its his stlye so you can’t take that away from him plus coming from the uk thats saying something as well… but big fail on khalil leaking material…… spoiling detox already…. don’t worry i’m sure he’s got another 3000 beats in the back there LOLOLOLOl XD

  5. @ D

    “plus coming from the uk thats saying something as well”

    What? Do you have any idea how fukkin’ patronising that shit sounds? There’s nuff producers in the UK who can stand head to head with the best in the States & trust me, Dready aint the benchmark!

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