Pharrell Williams Asks “Where Is The Talent?”

The Rest In Beats Project delivers audio from this week’s Billboard/Adweek Music & Advertising conference featuring producer Pharrell Williams as he presents concerns about the current state of entertainment and the need for a resurgence of authentic talent.

Notable Quotes:

"The last 12 to 15 years, this whole aesthetic thing has ruined everything."
"What music was and is getting back to is… how talented is this person?"

559 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams Asks “Where Is The Talent?””

  1. The talent is in Virginia.Come back home and find it. You put out the clispe but there’s still more here.There’s more Chris Browns and Trey Songs and Clipse and all that here.Come back home Pharrell.You better hurry up before I get my sound right and get em all.

  2. I agree with Pharrell. This c0untry is 0bsessed with appearence. And y0u can thank T.V., M0vies, Music, Magazines, Internet, etc. f0r that. Pe0ple need t0 wake up and realize they are being brainwashed 24/7 by the pe0ple wh0 0wn everything t0 keep y0u d0wn. Wake up!!

  3. He has worked with all the artists who had appearance so he knows best. now that he’s rich and bored he wants to bring it back to that real.he had a chance to work with mad skillz more often than not. and he started giving his own va artists not the whole va ‘ but his own artists table scraps. Famlay ‘ Clise ect . the last clipse album with the “mr me too” was all throw away beats . now the clipse are hot again with the kida big deal joint feat konye west because they finally had enough scence to invest in thier own production.shit pharrel is intenationally known but not locally respected and the clipse is not far off that path.20.00 to get in to a whole in the wall club is not giving shit back .they have a album release party every 2 days it seems like lol
    im not mad there all dope.i just know that my city could do alot better.they need a tony traxx . i’ll rep this bitch like nelly does st louis and like jay reps brooklyn ‘ like bun b reps h-town if i had a chance.its a shame because someone opened the door for them by chance and they closed it back on us.Im not bitter but i have seen alot of dope producers and artists quit all todether cause they couldn”t get it poppn here and thats fucked up.psycologically thats what creates haters .

    • lmao son Sorta Like a Big Deal was produced by DJ Khalil… as well as the other stand out tracks on that album. That boy WAY outshined the Neps on that album.

  4. Isn’t it ironic that the guy who is criticizing the acceleration of the style-over-substance culture in music at the dawning of this century was pretty much criticized for being its poster boy?

  5. ^ not reallly

    pharrell makes hot beats he doesnt control the artist and what they do with it.

  6. “Hot beats” is subjective. That’s part of the reason he was criticized. And Pharrell does have a record label, doesn’t he? Hmm…I’d say that involves some kind of control over the artists on his roster.

  7. I never expected like you said poster-boy like Pharrel to speak on this appearance thing which seems to be important in the music-industry.

    “Seems like people listen music with they eyes nowadays and not they ears”
    i dont know where i got that from but i think its kinda true.

  8. unfortunately in todays Industry the music part isn’t so important, looks play a big part.. but i think you have to have a combination of both talent and look/”swag”.. i hate to use that cliche word but until record labels are convinced that talent sells over vanity, it will remain this way. it’s just business for them at the end of the day

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