Crate Digging

WFMU Record + CD Fair

A major digging event is going down!  NYC area residents and beyond will need to mark their calendars for this event.  The WFMU & CD Fair has a reputation as being an ultra serious digging event with the chance of dramatically improving your collection from a wimpy stack of records into a tasteful vinyl dream. … Read more

Drawings Capture The Insanity of Vinyl + Crate Digging


Ever searched for a way to sum up the madness of crate digging?  An artist and fellow dusty fingered madman has managed to capture all the frustrations and social dysfunctions in a series of drawings entitled "Crate Digging… Don’t Do It."

A bit of fair warning, with titles like, "There’s always someone digging in a better crate", "You won’t be able to satisfy your needs", and "Imaginary records will haunt your sleep", you may be forced to reassess that slight vinyl addiction you’ve developed over the years.

See the entire collection after the jump.

[via Stefan]

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Bobbito Garcia Talks Serato + Rejected Organized Konfusion Demo Tape

"Pro basketball player, world renowned DJ, music journalist, Rock Steady Crew alumni, actor, magazine publisher, TV & commerical host, author, photographer…"  Anyone else feeling lazy?

Jeff Staple presents us with a short piece about one of hip-hop’s favorite true-school figures, Bobbito Garcia, as he talks about the soul of music, Serato, and respect for the original architects.  He even digs up a copy of an original Organized Konfusion demo tape that was passed over by Russell Simmons!  I can only imagine the history that would have been made with a young Pharoahe Monch signed to Def Jam.

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Record Rama: The Worlds Largest Record Collection (Video)

Record collector, store owner, and archivist Paul Mawhinney is credited as having the largest private record collection in the world.  With over 1 million albums and 1 1/2 million singles the Library of Congress estimates that only 17 percent of the music in his archive is available on CD.

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Eliot Lipp Causes Analog Gear & Record Lust

Producer Eliot Lipp talks about his start in music and takes us into his studio to show off his crazy collection of analog gear including: Jomox XBase-09 MFB Synth-II Plan B modular synths Atari Synthcart Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Wurlitzer Electric Piano I love his attitude about making music for yourself and completing instrumental compositions.  There’s … Read more

DJ Frank Digs Vinyl In West Africa

Truth be told, I struggled about whether or not this video should be posted as I take serious issue with its undertones.  Regardless, it’s an interesting video following DJ Frank as he travels through West Africa digging up wax. [Respect to MT]

Brooklyn Record Riot Footage

I wish that I could have made it out to this event last month.  Unfortunately, there was a slight logistics issue which prevented my pursuit of dusty fingers and vinyl hoarding.  Looks like some serious digging was going down and at least one improvised record wall.