Beat Making Videos

Exile’s MPC Live Performance

Producer Exile steps up and shows the full capabilities of the Akai MPC sampler/sequencer during a live performance at Knox College.  It’s always exciting to see innovative uses of production equipment outside of the traditional studio environment.

Ryan Leslie “Just Right” In-Studio Footage

Ryan Leslie takes us into the studio for the recording of "Just Right".  Always what you’ve come to expect from one of his in-studio clips… he provides us with some footage of the drums foundation, guitar work, and various synths including a Yamaha Motif.

Pharrell Williams In Studio w/ Big Sean

Some in-studio footage with producer Pharrell Williams and Kanye West’s artist Big Sean.  Pharrell demos a little synth work and lays the foundation for a track… always a pleasure watching him work!

Akai MPC 2500 Lesson With Supreme

Sunz of Man producer Supreme returns with his trusty MPC 2500 to give a quick lesson on how to create your own brand of "Board Funk".   "Skateboard Preme" gives tips on how to chop, extract, and replay samples using the Akai MPC 2500.  Always entertaining… come to find out Supreme was even in Thrasher Mag … Read more

Timbaland x M.I.A. Studio Session

Timbaland and M.I.A. take us in studio for an instrumental session where Tim plays around with instrumentals utilizing video games. 

Note the beat demo at 5:04 and let me know if you see similarities in International Karate for the Commodore 64 after the jump.

[via FWDF]

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T-Pain Proclaims Vocoder Love

I’ve never been a fan, but I’ve gotta give T-Pain respect for not taking himself too seriously.   Check out the parody of him in the studio and his strange relationship with a mock vocoder.

Secondhand Sureshots – J Rocc x Daedelus x Ras G x Nobody

In a documentary entitled Secondhand Sureshots, producers J Rocc, Daedelus, Ras G, and Nobody descent upon LA thrift stores in search of vinyl for beat crafting.  Looks damn good, but I’m not sure who decided that a Technics 1200 would make a great ash tray (I’m guessing Ras G)…  a clear violation of crate digging … Read more