Timbaland x M.I.A. Studio Session

Timbaland and M.I.A. take us in studio for an instrumental session where Tim plays around with instrumentals utilizing video games. 

Note the beat demo at 5:04 and let me know if you see similarities in International Karate for the Commodore 64 after the jump.

[via FWDF]

762 thoughts on “Timbaland x M.I.A. Studio Session”

  1. honestly man, timbo came wit nothing in that clip. MiA was bored and so was I watching that shit.

    and im a huge timbo fan.

  2. Semanitk – I know what the original of that video game sample is – the orchestral version – and I can’t say!!! I would bet that timbo doesn’t even know. I just put that shit down on a track!!! Once my tape drops in December…

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