Akai MPC 2500 Lesson With Supreme

Sunz of Man producer Supreme returns with his trusty MPC 2500 to give a quick lesson on how to create your own brand of "Board Funk".   "Skateboard Preme" gives tips on how to chop, extract, and replay samples using the Akai MPC 2500.  Always entertaining… come to find out Supreme was even in Thrasher Mag back in the day.

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  1. Supreme is the man!!! lol always a pleasure watching him make beats. funny ass dude. anyone know if vol.2 ever came out of nthe beat making dvds??

  2. Sometimes I don’t know if hes messin’ around or being real…Beat is ok but I would of prolly used that sample a lil different. dope none the less.

  3. Your Welcome

    This sample was used by Young Chris of State Property by way of Rocafella (formerly of Def Jam) and a member of Young Gunz it was suppose to be on his debut solo joint Now or Never it is called Promise Land, he rips it, check him out on http://www.youngcblog.ning.com, I DONT WORK FOR DUDE, but you have to show props where they are due

    260 West 35th Street
    Suite 801
    New York, NY 10001

  4. yo thanks for all the love….
    i had my time in the game. im making beat for me thats whats really going on…
    i get alot of kids asking for help so i give it to them in hopes that they may get where they want to go…
    samples i dont really have time to dig so i use any thing that i find then flip it….
    just having fun with my toys thats all…..
    peace and love to all.

  5. Thanks preme! You inspired me to even want to make beats. Not so much to make money, but just for the love! Gettn my first mpc 2500 soon. I’ll be watchn all your videos for tips and tricks. ONE!

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