Ryan Leslie “Just Right” In-Studio Footage

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  1. Ryan Leslie has been one of the most inspiring artists for me over the past few years, the way works is just unreal – He’s got some serious talent.

    One thing I love about his ‘in studio’ clips is the eye candy (studio equipment) – Aside from how he uses it, just the fact that he has access to be free with it is where the envy is. 🙂

    For the fun of it, in that clip I noticed some sweet hardware…

    Mixer = AMS Neve Genesys

    Monitors = Yamaha NS10’s and Quested S8R’s (not sure that they are SR8’s though, the do look like em’)

    Synth Keyboards = Alesis Andromeda (If only I could get my hands on one of these bad boys – Owweee!) and a Korg R3

    Pre Amp = Avalon U5 (the name says it all)

    AD/DA Converter = Apogee PSX-100

    Pro Tools HD Rig (192 I/O etc etc…)

    If anyone spotted anythin’ else… The cameraman doesn’t make it easy 😀

    I look forward to Ryan’s album coming out, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait…

  2. I think hes hella corny when it comes to his vids…Now the music is crazy ill. Dudes def. got nice talent.

  3. That mixer is more like AMS Neve 88R

    I also noticed an Alesis V6 Andromeda…

    Now if the cameraman can only stop grooving hard…

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