Hip Hop Production

Tales of Beats Gone Lost

The great thing about running a site about hip hop samples, breaks and production is amount of exposure that comes to the all of those who decide to participate.  The bad thing is when so much time is spent promoting, programming and writing that so much time is lost on production, dust collects on equipment, … Read more

More Hip Hop Samples For Your Ears

Now that we have become acclimated to the New Year and I’ve finally established the habit of consistently writing ’07 on my car payment checks, it seemed like an appropriate time to do another sample drop.  Here are a few now classic Hip Hop samples that I’ve been rockin lately and the groups that have … Read more

Beware of the Sample Trolls!

For all of you cats who like to chop, loop, and flip those samples; beware of an up and coming new enemy to sample based music production… the sample trolls. Slate magazine has done an excellent job illustrating a part of the music industry that many of us lesser known producer have not had the … Read more

Crate Kings Digging Dirty Promotion

So here is the crazy thought of the day? how do I find a better way to connect with readers and at the same time help build a community of people interested in Hip Hop samples, breaks, and production? The survey says… Crate Kings is going to run a little link promotion called ?Review For … Read more