Tales of Beats Gone Lost

The great thing about running a site about hip hop samples, breaks and production is amount of exposure that comes to the all of those who decide to participate.  The bad thing is when so much time is spent promoting, programming and writing that so much time is lost on production, dust collects on equipment, and when it’s finally time to break out the trusty old Akai MPC 2000 XL sampler, you can’t remember where your compact flash cards full of beats and sounds are.   

So… I spent most of the morning off from work ripping apart the house in a panicked rage looking for all of my handmade instrumentals.  Finally four hours later they are back in safe hands and ready for sharing.

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4 thoughts on “Tales of Beats Gone Lost”

  1. So, is this what you do? You’re a beat maker? I’m in the process of making a site – like social networking for people like you/us. Do you have any intrest in taking part? I’m unable to listen any of your stuff because I don’t have speakers at work. f’n nazis.

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