Crate Kings Digging Dirty Promotion

So here is the crazy thought of the day? how do I find a better way to connect with readers and at the same time help build a community of people interested in Hip Hop samples, breaks, and production?

The survey says… Crate Kings is going to run a little link promotion called ?Review For A Link?. It?s pretty simple and the way it works is that anyone who reviews this site will receive a link back to their site in a post.

The review must be at least 200 words long and contain a link back to my homepage. Feel free to link to any other pages on the site in addition to this and maintain complete honesty in your review (although it?s always cool to get a pat on the back). I will accept any and every review from all non myspace type sites that are at least three months old. Once the review is done, just send me an email at and I?ll give you a backlink under our ?Spots To Watch? section? once I reach about 10 or so reviews.

This is a great way for all of us, especially newer sites, to send a bit of traffic to each other and build our community. We can all get the exposure that we need and promote our culture and artform.

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