Top 50 Greatest Producers In Hip Hop and Rap

One of the foundations/elements of Hip Hop & Rap music is the debate. Because of this, I just can’t wait see what fisticuffs this latest list will spark. Here for your reading enjoyment is my personal list of the Top 50 Greatest Producers In Hip Hop. I already know that a few West Coast heads are going to have a few heated words for me, but that’s ok, the hostilities are welcomed. The first 10 producers are presented in order, with the remaining 40 there to round out the list.


1. DJ Premier
2. J Dilla
3. Pete Rock
4. RZA
5. Timbaland
6. Dr. Dre
7. Q-Tip
8. Large Professor
9. Havoc
10. Diamond
11. Showbiz
12. Beatnuts
13. The Neptunes
14. Ski
15. Buckwild
16. Prince Paul
17. Da Beatminers
18. The Alchemist
19. Eric Sermon
20. Madlib
21. Marley Marl
22. DJ Muggs
23. DJ Spinna
24. Eric B.
25. DJ Scratch
26. Minnesota
27. SD50’s (Stimulated Dummies)
28. Lee Stone
29. Kanye West
30. 9th Wonder
31. Hank Shocklee & The Bomb Squad
32. Organized Noize
33. Just Blaze
34. D.R. Period
35. Hi Tek
36. Lord Finesse
37. O Gee
38. NOID
39. E Swift
40. Herbie Luv Bug
41. Peanut Butter Wolf
42. EZ LP
43. Scott Storch
44. Dan the Automator
45. MF Doom
46. Easy Moe Bee
47. DJ Quick
48. DR Period
49. Salaam Remi
50. DJ Jazzy Jeff

133 thoughts on “Top 50 Greatest Producers In Hip Hop and Rap”

  1. Timbaland 5?…nigga please! Dr. Dre 6??? Wtf is hip hop turnin into…and then there’s dj anthony¿¿¿ You are a plain dumb ass fool…true that…what’s next? 50 cent is the greatest “mc” hahaha…damn! Ya’ll oughta pay the legions to premier,dilla,9th,hi tek,madlib,doom,nicolay,p.rock,marly marl, babu, billy bob, jazzy, , dj cam

  2. WOW!!!!!! The 50 GREATEST producers in Hip Hop/Rap?!!! Really??!!
    No disrespect to ANYBODY but who is Lee Stone?! I checked his credentials and he doesn’t have 1 bonafide CLASSIC HIT record. O Gee?! Who is that?! Out of 50 producers in all of Hip Hop/Rap you make room for guys like Lee Stone and O Gee, but you don’t have room for Johnny J???!!! I’m not even a West Coast dude, I’m a East Coast dude, but name just 5 of your favorite ORIGINAL 2Pac songs and chances are Johnny J produced it. He was rockin’ with Pac since the THUGLIFE album and probably earlier all the way through All Eyez on Me. He’s made a SERIOUS contribution to Hip Hop

  3. Take j dilla off dat fucking list niga..all u j dilla dickriders….rip but he is not on no hiphop classic album to date!!!!!…. And he fukked up tribe shit..boring ass producer.. so GTFOH!

  4. Reaper, you’re an idiot. You can’t name one of his albums as classic because they were ALL classic. You don’t understand why J Dilla is at the top because you listen to justin beiber. SMH. It’s a shame some people can’t appreciate Dilla because of their lack of knowledge or the fact they want to try and be different or something. Do your homework. Or just appreciate some real hip hop… Jay stay paid

  5. I didn’t read all the comments so maybe someone mentioned him already but just in case…where the hell is 45 KING??!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. No Swizz Beats, DJ Scratch or LES? Salaam Remi took the game back 10 years alone with “Made you Look”? Why 49th?

  7. Where are all the ladies at? Methinks it’s time for some female producers to climb that ladder. I make you a dare- in 20 years time this list will be one third females. If not you get an Icecream cone.

    Love, peace & out

  8. No Beats by th e Pound> What producers has sold more than them and their
    sound was the most copied. There aint no producers hotter than them. Im from the north and these n****s get the upmost respect. From 1996 – 1999 them n****s ruled the rap game, but no one on here mentioned them.

  9. good list but i think pete rock should be number two…….i actually think number 1 because his production style and beat complexity is way more harder to imitate……and T.R.O.Y……primo is nasty dont get me wrong but i here 2 many carbon copies …if your style is easily imitated then its kinda 2 easy……you should update this list with soon….you should put damu the fudgemunk and captain crook aka klaus layer

  10. eric b? lol, you know he produced nothing (unless you enjoy rocking his one solo lp) don’t you? no 45 king, marley marl at 21 (should be top 10 if not top 3 easily), this list needs a serious revising.

  11. in my opinion rza #1 dre #2 dj premier #3. Rza beats are fuckin hard and without him the wu tang wouldn be here today his best work include the tracks camay,assasination day, duel of the iron mic, cold war, mr sandman, dirty dancin the list is endless all produced for the wu tangs solo albums and dre well hes just dre a livin legend bringing us snoop dogg, eminem,the game not to mention his reign durin de 90s wit his g funk had the whole hip hop world listen to his beatz releasing two off his own albums durin the 90s the chronic and dr dre presents the aftermath with many rememberin tracks such as shittin on the world, let me ride, dre day, lyrical gangbang and so on… in my opinion its Rza vs Dre East vs West but premo is a legend in his own way

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