Yakub On Producing Ghostface Killah “Together Baby”

Last of the Record Buyers talks with 20 year old producer Yakub about his first placement, a Ghostface Killah song entitled “Together Baby”. Yakub briefly talks about his current setup Reason + Audacity and his growth from FL Studio. Visit Yakub on Bandcamp and look out for his work on Ghostface Killah’s album Apollo Kids.

Questlove Yamaha All Access 360 Interview

Questlove drops some thoughts on drumming, gear, soul music, and practicing and performing during an appearance with The Roots at the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, AL . It’s really hard to play disciplined and sloppy. There’s a certain sloppy element that I like to put in my drumming. Whatever the average drummer is doing, … Read more

Mayer Hawthorne & DJ Jazzy Jeff Talk Musical Taste

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mayer Hawthorne sit down in the plush red chairs of Karmaloop to discuss their mutual admiration for each others work before revealing some of the lesser known details of their personal tastes in music. I’ll listen to NWA on the way to a Pat Metheny concert. — Jazzy Jeff