Yakub On Producing Ghostface Killah “Together Baby”

Last of the Record Buyers talks with 20 year old producer Yakub about his first placement, a Ghostface Killah song entitled “Together Baby”. Yakub briefly talks about his current setup Reason + Audacity and his growth from FL Studio.

Visit Yakub on Bandcamp and look out for his work on Ghostface Killah’s album Apollo Kids.

18 thoughts on “Yakub On Producing Ghostface Killah “Together Baby””

  1. The beat was tight. How does one get a placement like that? By talking to Ghost’s manager/A&R? do you hit him up directly? do you send your demo to his record label? how do i get placements like that?

  2. good lookn on that.. Thats Right On G Mo! Im SURE you’ll be placin ALOT of joints in the future too! lets get it

    • Joint was tight bruh! Hope you gain more exposure with lots more placements! That’s big! Congrats to you! Keep us posted!

    • Hey Yakub, i cannot stop listening to this beat!!!!!! I have a question though, were the horns sampled from a record or are they from some vst?

  3. Fuck that the beat was hott but some people just get lucky. i know alot of people with hot joints that are never gonna get nowhere . like me

  4. u got lucky…….that beat is ameture……and u went after the same part evry 1 else took….smh… call me a hater.. i dont care…but man…yall aint have to put this video up..lmao

  5. Yo Yakub – I love the ziptape man. I really like the mixing and was wondering if you might be able to help me with something…the whole tape has this really cool compressed sound – I’m trying to figureout how to put that on my mixes – so far no luck – could you share what kind of compressor was used or how I can put a similar kind of compressed quality on my shit? Thanks man

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