Yakub On Producing Ghostface Killah “Together Baby”

18 thoughts on “Yakub On Producing Ghostface Killah “Together Baby””

  1. The beat was tight. How does one get a placement like that? By talking to Ghost’s manager/A&R? do you hit him up directly? do you send your demo to his record label? how do i get placements like that?

  2. good lookn on that.. Thats Right On G Mo! Im SURE you’ll be placin ALOT of joints in the future too! lets get it

    • Joint was tight bruh! Hope you gain more exposure with lots more placements! That’s big! Congrats to you! Keep us posted!

    • Hey Yakub, i cannot stop listening to this beat!!!!!! I have a question though, were the horns sampled from a record or are they from some vst?

  3. Fuck that the beat was hott but some people just get lucky. i know alot of people with hot joints that are never gonna get nowhere . like me

  4. u got lucky…….that beat is ameture……and u went after the same part evry 1 else took….smh… call me a hater.. i dont care…but man…yall aint have to put this video up..lmao

  5. Yo Yakub – I love the ziptape man. I really like the mixing and was wondering if you might be able to help me with something…the whole tape has this really cool compressed sound – I’m trying to figureout how to put that on my mixes – so far no luck – could you share what kind of compressor was used or how I can put a similar kind of compressed quality on my shit? Thanks man

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