Large Professor’s Vinyl Gloves & Other Paul C Lessons

Large Professor visits Amoeba Records to browse through its vinyl collection.  While browsing the crates and reflecting on titles from Gloria Gayner, Joe Walsh, and Paul Horn, Extra P also recalls some of the lessons that he learned his mentor Paul C such as digging with gloves, special record sleeves, and the importance of meticulousness in production.

I like gritty sounds and just ill sounds.

Paul took it to the next level, his records smelled good.

4,522 thoughts on “Large Professor’s Vinyl Gloves & Other Paul C Lessons”

  1. The gloves are something we all should do. I’m going to pick up a box. Seems like everytime I come home from a goodwill or salvation army the first thing I want to do is wash my hands.

    Always love to see folks going through the dollar crates. So much fun.

  2. some crate are so dusty, when I’m looking down into them and flipping through the records, sometimes I get a sinus headache from all that filth just getting blown right up my nose – gonna walk into a spot wearing hazmat gear one day –

  3. Yeah,there`s a spot in my hometown that as soon as you walk in,the dust smell could knock you out,but there are so many gems in there,you gotta digg.The gloves and a respirator are a great idea. with those,I could spend more than a half an hour in there.

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