45 King Talks The 900 Number & Hard Knock Life

8 thoughts on “45 King Talks The 900 Number & Hard Knock Life”

  1. Its so amazing to hear words of wisdom from a living legend. So often we have these fly by night producers that claim greatness, while you have true greatness in these videos sitting back humbly deflecting praise.

    To think one man is responsible for the career changing hits for two of the largest artists in hip hop history. Stan changed Eminem from crazy white shock gimmick rapper to a true lyricist while Hard Knock Life was the Pop hit that transformed Jay-Z from Hawaiian Shirt rapper to S. Carter president and CEO.

    And that was in the twilight of his career, that was the encore.

    There is not enough room to talk about his late 80’s and early 90’s work. Truly someone amazing who could never receive enough praise for his accomplishments.

    These interviews with The 45King make bangladesh look like a real egotistical joke. Do any of you remember his chest thumping interview on here where he talked about how he was the greatest producer ever because he produced A Milli and Break Up. LoL yeah buddy thats right you produced A Milli congratulations.

    (Big fan of Bangladesh, I love the 8ball and MJG stuff but come on man you dont even hold a candle to greatness get to work)

  2. Eccentric, brilliant and ahead of his time. I loved when he said that it doesn’t make sense to record with someone that can’t get a deal. I have used my generosity and talent to help many cats over the years and knew in the back of my head that they were not really ready or not going to move. It was cool during my formative years of production because we helped each other. Now I want to work with artists that are active and have a good future ahead of them. The artists may not blow up but I want my music represented in the best way.

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