Out Voting… Hopefully You’re Doing The Same

We’ll be back later…  Please take the time to vote today and endure what may turn out to be somewhat lengthy delays and inconveniences.   Regardless of your political affiliation and beliefs, this is an extraordinary opportunity to make a significant diference on both a local and national level.  Remember… voting is more than a right, … Read more

MF Doom’s Dirty Downfall: More Ways To Kill Your Fanbase


For the most part, the editorial policy here at Crate Kings is to avoid mentioning people or events that don’t deserve positive coverage, but for the sake of balanced opinion and reader warning, something has to be said about the recent MF Doom concert fakery.

We can all agree that it says a lot when Kno of CunninLynguists feels the need to publicly chime in and write "An Open Letter To MF Doom" addressing the now numerous MF Doom shanigans and acts of disrespect.  I guess Doom didn’t get the memo detailing sure fire ways to alienate your fan base.  What’s really sad is that many, including myself, have been essentially searching for ways to hand over buckets of revenue to this character.  Instead we receive nothing more than a game of snatchees with our hard earned dough, endless excuses, and most recently, lackluster impostors.

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Music Roundup: May 2008

So we’ve finally completed the move from Microsoft to all Apple (the upcoming 3G iPhone brings an instant smile) and to celebrate migration to the iPod it seemed like a perfect time for an audio roundup. Reggae heads will no doubt wonder where DJ Trends has been hiding.  His One Drop Radio podcasts and Welcome … Read more