Pardon Our Appearance While Rebuilding Aka Server Crash

I want to apologize to everyone about the site being down for the past few days.  On Saturday, March 1st our hosting provider Hostican suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure and completely lost all data for a number of clients.   After having the drives sent to a data lab for recovery, I was finally notified that the site was completely lost.  We have since initiated stop gap measures for hosting and are on the hunt for a new server.  Unfortunately, hard life lessons were learned about data backup & recovery and while a substantial portion of the forum was lost, luckily the blog and other aspects of the site were stored separately from their servers.  I promise to have the site (almost) fully operational in the next week or so and would like to say thanks to all of those who have shown support during the past few days.  In the meantime, please ignore any broken links or nonfunctional items you may run across… they won’t last long.



685 thoughts on “Pardon Our Appearance While Rebuilding Aka Server Crash”

  1. when life hands you lemons

    squirt lemon juice in life’s eye. Then steal life’s wallet. Then laugh at life.

    Stay up Semantik, keep up the good fight!

  2. Semantik,

    Sorry to hear about your technical issues: computer rage is like nothing else.

    Hope all gets sorted soon.



    PS Thanks for the props on the Deconstructing Illmatic post 😉

  3. Anything I can do man, let me know.

    I thought maybe that Erykah Badu review I submitted crashed the whole damn site, haha.

  4. So glad this site is back up again and I know how you feel about the programming frustration. I’ve been starting my own blog recently and oh boy sometimes I wish I didn’t.

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