Beat Making Videos

Chop Suey w/ 88-Keys: MPC3000 Sample Chopping

From sample to fully constructed beat, producer 88-Keys runs through a collection of vinyl then begins chopping on his trusty Akai MPC3000, which he’s owned since age 15. I purposely didn’t bring any of my old stuff, cuz I have new ears now.

Focus Creates A Beat, Layers Drums, Plays Bass

The makers of West Coast Theory went in-studio with Aftermath producer Focus.  The producer offers a peek into his recording environment  and explains his approach to creating music, thoughts on software, and experience working with Dr. Dre. Throughout the interview Focus illustrates his process of crafting a beat from working with the original sample to layering … Read more

Ski Beatz Ableton Live Track Creation

Ski Beatz MPC SP d950 warping get your warp game up chopping and sampling Move over Roland MV-8800, Ski Beatz like Ableton. Today I’mma show you guys I make a beat using Ableton Live, totally different from how you make a beat using Ablteon Live. Producer Ski Beatz professes his newfound love for Ableton Live … Read more

Exile Talks Traffic Light Drumming

Part 2 Truly Yours‘s interview with Exile features the producer discussing finger drumming on school desks, traffic light buttons, and, of course, the MPC2000XL. “I was a finger drumming fiend.  I’d even like just sit there like a fool with my head up a against the metal crosswalk button thing.”