Dot Da Genius Creates A Beat In Studio

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  1. He did get your freak on with missy elliot. I like his music platinum sound not alot of sampling ‘ though sampling is good but expensive !” he plays hip hop keys “respectable setup ” hmmm . He’s where im trying to get to in my production work. That motif is a beast ! Triton had the 90″s on lock ! but the motif been twerkin in 2000″s . Good post Semantic !

    • No need to look it up. Head banger is a relatively common term, Dot tha Genius is THIS producer’s name, he’s only known for working with Cudi on “Day and Night” and Timbaland did “Get Your Freak On”.

      I agree with your idea of more instrumentation, less samples. Kinda like Dre, Khalil, Pharrell, Kanye, etc. But that’s just me.

      BB$ Workshop

  2. Sounds Like late 90’s ealry 2000 euro techno . . . Funny how everything nowadays is so 80’s . . . If you’re into this sound I suggest you listen to Gary Numan, in particular the “Pleasure Principle” Album . . . it will give you an overall understading of Synth sound in tracks.

  3. This was straight up garbage!! the only unique thing about this was some dude air grinding on a chair !!!!! which i do not wish to see ever again!!!, now please back to the program!! god damm it!!!!!!!

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